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Dlyouk Janggi is a game information page. It is categorized as: Two dimensional, Oriental. This item is located on a site outside of

Dlyouk JanggiA game information page
. Program that plays this Korean Chess Variant. (Link.).


Taehoon Kim's page from which you can download a program that allows two people to play Dlyouk Janggi (Janggi or Changgi, is Korean Chess). The site also has documentation (albeit in Korean), but with English documentation coming soon. Thanks to Edward Strickland for telling us about this site, and to Ivan A Derzhanski for reminding me about the site, and for taking the initiative in contacting the site's owner. <p><b>Warning</b>: There is a symbol used in the image for this game that some may find offensive. This symbol, although it was used in World War II in a campaign of hate, death and destruction, has a long history predating that use, and has been used to symbolize many other concepts. It is, however, understandable that some readers might be upset upon seeing this symbol, hence this warning.

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The board used for this game has 10 row(s), 10 column(s), 100 cells/squares.
This game is a 2 player game.

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