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Index T to Man and Beast

Each entry starts with the name or prefix in capitals, linked to the Piececlopedia page if an established piece, followed by the plural in plain text if irregular. Then comes the geometry, with a link to the Man and Beast page - square also covers cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism, all covers those plus 2d hex and 2d/3d pentagonal ones, and hex covers xyrixa/hex-prism. Then comes the definition in plain text. The name's origin, if more than random and neither a Piececlopedia piece nor obvious, is in italics. Compounds of two oblique leapers always have one of a set of endings designed to avoid duplicate names for mixed-range and part-symmetric versions. Unless specified as royally-restricted a piece is capturable. The phrase "capturing as" means exclusively unless prefixed with "also". When a move can be "repeated" it means without capturing on any but the last instance. DQR stands for Defaulting to Queen (square) or Rook (hex). Names combining component names are marked ¢. FO pieces' symmetric counterparts are marked §.

New in 2016 under this letter: Timbalist, Track, Tractor, Tram, Tremolo, Trepanner, Trestle, Triathlete, Tricycle, Trill, Trombonist, Trug, Tympanist
New in 2015 under this letter: Tailor, Tanner, Terminator, Termserver

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TAB square Xo+Tibtern, reversing Bat whose Curved rider it is.
TACTICIAN cubic 55° Ferz-Viceroy planar piece, as stronger version of the Navvy.
TAILOR square Trebuchet capturing as Tripper, as an artisan in conjunction with its compound with Steward being Stitcher.
TAKEOVER piece all short for Alternative Overtaking-Recruiting piece, from Takeover Chess.
TALE cubic FO 5:5:2 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Stake, as expounded by Expounder §.
TALF Talves hex-prism FO 2:root 112 leaper, extrapolated from Calf.
TALIPOT hex-prism Travesty+Samel ¢.
TALISMAN cubic xyrixa Allerbmu+Torturer ¢.
TANDYMAN Tandymen square Tray+Tump, extrapolated from Handyman.
TANK square Cannon+Arrow, from combining former component's power with latter component's mobility
TANKTURRET square Cannonball+Arrowhead, as attribute of a Tank §
TANNER square Trechick capturing as Trisk, as a menial leather worker.
TANTALUS hex-prism Dilemma+Key, as one "unlocking" divine secrets, in conjunction with other mythical sinners' names for similar Dilemma compounds.
TAPIR cubic 90° Wazir-Ferz alternator, EMD nonstandard-diagonal, as a hornless relative of the Rhino which is an alternator with a Knightwise EMD, reversing the adding of a horn to a horse to get the Unicorn that is the ND linepiece.
TAPPING xyrixa Palmist+Tempter ¢.
TARDIS square 6x6 Fortress occupying space of, and able to swap places with empty, 3x3 block of cells, from Tardis Taijitu.
TARGET cubic Torturer+Grace ¢.
TARS square Vinereservist+Vinecoward, extrapolated from Barc.
TASKMASTER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Paker+Tusk ¢.
TASYR square 5:2 Curved linepiece on 8-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Satyr whose Curved rider it is.
TAUTNESS cubic/hex-prism Nurturer+Sustainer.
TAVERN hex-prism Pocket+Drunkard, in conjunction with other building names.
TAVIATOR cubic Brook with first step replaced by a Eunuch one, adding the initial of Theologian.
TAWCHER hex Finch+Ertbuchet, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Watcher whose Curved rider it is.
TAWNYOWL hex-prism symmetric 1:root 39 leaper, in conjunction with 3:root 31 Snowyowl sharing its SOLL.
TAXI square piece that carries up to three conventional pieces and can be moved by its player based on what pieces are on it, including through other pieces but not the enemy Taxi, from Taxi: The Nuclear C.a.B. Chess Game.
TEACUP cubic/hex-prism Mump+Tellam ¢.
TEAM- square/hex restricts radial moves to odd numbers of steps and the forward direction, but can indefinitely repeat oblique ones in the same direction, suggesting a team of beasts.
TEAMUP xyrixa Tempter+Moaner ¢.
TEFCHER cubic Apostle+Irtpper, reversing first 3 letters of the Fetcher whose Curved rider it is.
TECHNICIAN cubic 60° Ferz-Ferz planar piece, from separating out Scientist into Theorist and Technician.
TEGEAN hex-prism Gosling+Tellam ¢.
TEJ cubic Hctolb+Etsah, Jet for Blotch+Haste reversed.
TELAMON pieces, TELAMRIDER pieces cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism those that can also make noncapturing moves, short- and long-range respectively, in remaining Archdukewise directions, as father of mythical Ajax.
TELEGRAPHER hex-prism Elephrider+Drummer, from the "bush telegraph" of messages beaten on drums carrying through the jungle.
TELLAM cubic FO 7:4:3 leaper, hex-prism FO 7:5 leaper with the 7 specifically hex-oblique, Mallet for dual of FO 7:5 reversed.
TEMPTER cubic FO 7:5:1 leaper, xyrixa dual of FO 10:7:1 leaper, starts mostly with reversed early letters of Petmouse §, extrapolated from Runaround.
TENLEAPER square Nharolais+Biquibbler, xyrixa/hex-prism Nharolais+Pherolais+Buquibbler, as the compound of all pieces with leap length 10.
TERMAGANT cubic/hex Simurgh+Celebrant, as demoness ending in -ant of Celebrant.
TERMINATOR, TERMSERVER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Governor+Musket, Missionary+Musketball, as an armed film character played by a then future governor.
TERRACE square Hump+Stripe, as series of strips cut in sloping landscape to give level land for cultivation.
TESSELATOR xyrixa/hex-prism dual to cubic Trembler, symmetric 4:root 31 leaper, from the hexagonal tesselation of honeycombs.
TESTPAD, TETCHY cubic Etsah+Hardness, Etsah+Tempter ¢.
TEUCER pieces, TEUCERIDER pieces cubic/hex those that can also make noncapturing moves, short- and long-range respectively, in remaining Dukewise directions, as another son of Telamon, like the mythical Ajax.
THAI NAMESHere is an alphabetic list of Thai names for Makruk pieces, followed by literal translations in brackets and then the Man and Beast name.Here is an alphabetic list of English translations, followed by the Thai name in brackets and then the Man and Beast name.
Bia (cowrie/cowry shell) Pawn *
Khon (mask) Silvergeneral
Khun (leader) King
Ma (horse) Knight
Met (fruit stone) Ferz
Rua (boat) Rook
Thon (mask) Silvergeneral
Boat (rua) Rook
Cowrie/Cowry shell (bia) Pawn *
Fruit stone (met) Ferz
Horse (ma) Knight
Leader (khun) King
Mask (khon/thon) Silvergeneral
* of the ancient variety, with no initial double-step move
THANATOLOGIST cubic/xyrixa Haste+Tempter ¢.
THAROLAIS hex/prism symmetric 2:root 112 leaper, extrapolated from Charolais.
THAUMATURGE cubic Bishop+Marquis, as miracle worke5rt in conjunction with other religious terms Druid and Excommunicator.
THEOLOGIAN cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Bishop with first 2 steps replaced by Viceroy ones, as an authority on religion.
THEORIST cubic 90° Ferz-Ferz planar piece, from separating out Scientist into Theorist and Technician.
THERAPIST, THESPIAN cubic Width+Throughput, Inlet+Outlet, first ¢, second from lack of View+Throughput.
THIEF square Dabchick+Tusk, as underling to Alibaba §.
THINFACE cubic Lesson+Throughput ¢.
THINKER hex-prism Thiefrider+Drummer ¢.
THIRSTY cubic Output+Throughput ¢.
THISTLE cubic moves as a Knight from the Frame (representing Scotland), but as a Coheir from the Wall (England) and Tunnel (pre-WW1 Ireland), files of a Tunnelchess board, from the Scottish chivalrous Order of the Thistle.
THREAT cubic Broadwayman+Highwayman, from highwaymen being a threat to stagecoaches.
THREELEAPER cubic/xyrixa Ninja+Trebuchet, as the compound of all pieces with leap length 3.
THRICE- all indicates three iterations of a divergent transformation, so that thrice-Pawned, thrice-Brokered, and thrice-Yeomanned pieces capture in the same directions as those Pawned, Brokered, or Yeomanned only the once ones but twice, thrice, and half the length respectively. The Leopard of this Xiang-Qi-based variant is a thrice-Pawned Wazir.
THRILLING cubic Length+Throughput ¢.
THRONE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Thief+Millstone ¢.
THROUGHPUT cubic FO 7:4:1 leaper, in conjunction with Input and Output sharing its SOLL.
THROWPAST cubic Input+Throughput ¢.
THUG square 35° Ferz-Viceroy alternator, EMD Ninjawise.
THULDERNEY, THULPACA square 35° Elephant-Eunuch and Viceroy-Trebuchet alternators, EMDs of first Ninjawise, last Nimelwise, extrapolated from Alderney and Alpaca.
THUNDERER square Duchess+Tradewind, in reference to storms.
THUNGORA, THUVOCET cubic Thug+Thulpaca, Eunuch-Bitrebuchet alternator, extrapolated from Angora, Avocet.
THYRISTOR cubic Cloak+Throughput ¢.
TIBTERN square 8:1 Curved linepiece on 8-stage circuit, reversing Bittern whose Curved rider it is.
TIGER square differs from Witch in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), problematist usage.
TIGER EYE all gives pieces carrying it the noncapturing move of the (Korean style) Tiger above, from 2 Jewels.
TIGRESS square Colourwitch+Ranktiger, problematist usage.
TILER square Cross+Pointcoward, from its Japanese name of Tile General.
TILEFOLLOW-ER/-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN square Tiler compounds with the same-rank moves respectively of the Viceroy/Duke/Baron/Archduke, from its Japanese name of Tile General.
TILERESS square Tiler+Wazirfiler.
TILES-MAN/-WOMAN square Tiler compounds with the same-rank moves respectively of the Ferz/Prince.
TIMBALIST hex-prism Trisk+Trumstick as lesser version of Tympanist §.
TINAMOU cubic xyrixa Numbat+Tinkerer ¢.
TINCTURE cubic Worrier+Beggar, borrowing the starting letters of Tinkerer, which shares the SOLL of Worrier and Beggar.
TINE hex-prism FO 4:root 75 leaper, as part of the rake that a Raker § might use.
TINKERER cubic symmetric 8:5:5 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Numbat, one of many names alluding to weakness of high-SOLL leapers.
TIPPLER hex-prism Key+Drumstick, as milder form of Drunkard §.
TIRELESS square Tusk+Trisk ¢.
TITANIA cubic xyrixa Rook+Oberon, from female partner of non-Rook component.
TITANOTHERE hex-prism 90° Wazir-Rumbaba alternator, EMD Knightwise.
TITHE hex FO root-91 pure-hex leaper, as a tax collecter such as Zemindar § might collect.
TITRATION cubic Tinkerer+Beggar ¢.
TNAVVY cubic Fwazir-Viceroy alternator, extrapolated from Brook.
TNRA square Hastereservist+Hastecoward, extrapolated from Barc.
TOAD, TOKE square/hex Dabbaba+Trebuchet, Dabchick+Trechick, first from problematist usage, in conjunction with Frog and Newt, second replacing ending with K of Trechick, in conjunction with Frock and Nuke.
TOMBOY cubic/hex Rook+Zombie, as a female rôle with similar letters to Zombie.
TOMEL square symmetric 13:5 leaper dual to the Outsetter, extrapolated from Camel.
TOOLKIT, TOOTHACHE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Thiefrider+Key, Tuskrider+Imp, first as a thief's collection of tools for breaking in, second as something tormenting that resides in a tooth.
TOOTHBRUSH hex-prism Tuskrider+Dadchick, as something "riding" a set of teeth more strongly than the next entry.
TOOTHPICK square Tuskrider+Dabchick, as something "riding" a set of teeth and ending in -ick.
TOP-REFLECTING piece cubic one whose downward move can continue after the top level as the upward move with the same (if any) forward/backward/sideways component.
TOPHAT cubic/xyrixa Giraffe+Fencer, from its height.
TORCH cubic/hex Wing+Lurch, from Tomboy § and Lurch.
TORQUE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Horn+Trisk ¢.
TORTEAU square Outsetter+Tomel ¢.
TORTURER cubic FO 8:3:3 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Allerbmu, starts with reversed early letters of Rootler §, extrapolated from Runaround.
TOUCHSTONE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Tusk+Millstone ¢.
TOURNEY cubic Torturer+Twine ¢.
TOVARY cubic 5:4:1 Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Votary.
TOWING piece all one followed as part of, and in the same direction as, its own move by pieces in the reversae direction to that move.
TRACK hex-prism Trechick+Trisk+Lurch+Trumstick as route followed by Tram §.
TRACTOR hex-prism Tripper+Zombie+Trumpeter ¢.
TRADEWIND cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Zephyr+Pathfinder, as a wind exploited in shipping.
TRAFFIC, TRAFFICKER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Triffrider+Lurch, Trilbrider+Zombie ¢.
TRAGOPAN square 45° Elephant-Trebuchet alternator, EMD Satyrwise.
TRAILER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Trisk+Lurch ¢.
TRAIN square either a carrying piece with a preset move independent of players, from PASGL 312 Chess, or a block of cells moving sideways and carrying all pieces on it with it, from Subway Chess.
TRAINER hex-prism FO 2:root 3 leaper, as one preparing a Foal § for future life as a warhorse, workhorse, or whatever.
TRAIPSE, TRAIPSER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Triskrider+Tramp, Tripprider+Trebizond ¢.
TRAITOR cubic Tale+Soaper ¢.
TRAM hex-prism Trebuchet+Tripper+Zombie+Trumpeter ¢.
TRAMBELUS pieces, TRAMBRIDER pieces cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism those that can also make noncapturing moves, short- and long-range respectively, in remaining Baronwise directions, as another son of Telamon, like the mythical Ajax.
TRAMP cubic/hex Trechick+Lurch ¢.
TRAMPLER square Zemel+Charolais+Tripper, forming the oblique and diagonal m:6-m leaper.
TRAMPOLINE all Pole that pieces can immediately make another move on reaching, not necessarily in the same direction, from Trampoline Chess.
TRAMPOLINING Hopping piece all Straight+Ricochet, from the flipside of the above piece.
TRANSITIVE hex-prism Rytas+Travesty ¢.
TRAPEZIUM cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Tripper+Zombie ¢.
TRAPPER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Trechick+Trisk+Lurch, as short name for use as the following.
TRAPPER- cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism adds moves of the above in the remaining directions to FO linepieces.
TRAVEL, TRAVELLER, TRAVERSE, TRAVERSER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Tramprider+Trisk, Trebirider+Tripper, Trechrider+Trailer, Treburider+Trapezium ¢.
TRAVESTY hex-prism symmetric 1:root 28 leaper, punning on Satyr and satire.
TRAY square FO 8:5 leaper, rhyming with the Fray with the same SOLL, and what a Huckster § might carry his wares on.
TREAD, TREADER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Trechrider+Trisk, Treburider+Tripper ¢.
TREASURE cubic xyrixa Camel+Sexton, in conjunction with Merchant.
TREATY hex-prism FO 5:root 27 leaper, as what a Ratifier § might ratify.
TREAVER cubic Zebra+Fencer+Camel+Fortnight+Lecturer+Elf+Underscore+Trebuchet+Tripper+Zombie, as cubic counterpart to Beaver..
TREBIZOND cubic/hex Trebuchet+Zombie ¢.
TREBUCHET square symmetric 3:0 leaper, extrapolted from Dabbaba.
TRECHICK square FO 3:0 leaper, extrapolted from Trebuchet § and Dabchick.
TREE cubic FO 7:6:2 leaper, as home of Fruitbat §.
TREK, TREKKER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Trechrider+Lurch, Treburider+Zombie ¢.
TREMBLER cubic symmteric 7:6:3 leaper, one of many names alluding to weakness of high-SOLL leapers.
TREMENDOUS hex-prism Travesty+Rhymer ¢.
TREMOLO hex-prism Trebuchet+Trumpeter ¢.
TRENDY cubic/xyrixa Stake+Daste ð.
TREPANNER, TRESTLE hex-prism Trebuchet+Zombie+Trumpeter, Trechick+Lurch+Trumstick ¢.
TRESPASS, TRESPASSER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Trailrider+Trechick, Traperider+Trebuchet ¢.
TRI- square/hex takes a radial leaper with 3 or 4 times the coprime leap and triples it. Thus where the Trebuchet is a 3:0 leaper the Tritrebuchet is a 9:0 one.
TRIARCH cubic Queen+Eunuch, extrapolated from Diarch.
TRIATHLETE hex-prism Trebuchet+Tripper+Trumpeter ¢.
TRIBUNE square/hex Dabbaba+Tripper ¢.
TRICKSTER square/hex Dabchick+Trisk ¢.
TRICORN hex-prism Unicorn+Dicorn, from 1+2=3.
TRICYCLE hex-prism Trechick+Trisk+Trumstick as lesser version of Triathlete's § bicycle.
TRIDENT Pawnlike piece all one with an optional double-step initial move restricted to both steps being noncapturing or both capturing but not a mixture, from square-cell Pawns of this kind having three routes to take a double-step move on, and Trident missiles.
TRIFFID square Trechick+Trisk, extrapolated from Tripper and Thief.
TRIFLE square Elephant+Trifle, extrapolated from Waffle.
TRILBY square Trebuchet+Tripper, extrapolated from Tripper and Alibaba.
TRILEMMA hex-prism Unicorn+Dicorn, from 1+2=3.
TRILL hex-prism Trechick+Trumstick as lesser version of Tremolo §.
TRILOBITE square Snail+Lobster, from square-cell ones having three routes to take their longer move on.
TRIPPER square symmetric 3:3 leaper, problematist usage.
TRISK square FO 3:3 leaper, extrapolated from Tripper § and Tusk.
TRISON cubic Zebra+Fencer+Camel+Fortnight+Lecturer+Elf+Underscore, as cubic counterpart to Bison..
TRITON hex-prism Unicorn+Dadaist, in conjnuction with other sea monsters for such Unicorn compounds.
TROILUS hex-prism Dicorn+Romeo, in conjunction with other Shakespearean names.
TROJAN HORSE square initally-occupied carrying piece moving like a Knight, from Shatranj of Troy.
TROLL cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Trebuchet+Tripper+Zombie, as short name for use as the following.
TROLL- cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism adds moves of the above in the remaining directions to symmetric linepieces.
TROMBONIST hex-prism Zombie+Trumpeter ¢.
TROOPER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicorn+Tripper ¢, plus influence of Flapper.
TROPHY hex-prism Docket+Elk, as a pair of antlers diplayed by a deer hunter.
TRUDGE, TRUDGER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Triskrider+Trechick, Tripprider+Trebuchet ¢.
TRUFFALO cubic Knight+Ninja+Zebra+Fencer+Sexton+Camel+Fortnight+Lecturer+Elf+Underscore, as cubic counterpart to Buffalo..
TRUG hex-prism Trisk+Lurch+Trumstick as lesser agricultural carrier than Tractor §.
TRUMPETER, TRUMSTICK hex-prism symmetric and FO 3:root 27 leapers, first as musician by analogy to Drummer, but having thrice rather than twice the Rumbaba's leap length, second extrapolated from Drumstick.
TRUNDLE, TRUNDLER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Triskrider+Lurch, Tripprider+Zombie ¢.
TRUNE hex-prism symmetric 2:root 84 leaper, extrapolated from Crane.
TSORK square 7:2 Curved linepiece on 8-stage circuit, reversing first 2 consonants of Stork whose Curved rider it is.
TSUDENT hex root-19 Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, Ruaochs+Aurrose, reversing first 2 consonants of Student whose Curved rider it is.
TUBBY cubic/xyrixa Blotch+Girth, as what a feaster tends to become.
TUCOTUCO hex-prism symmetric 5:root 19 leaper, as rodent name for piece with twice Tutor's SOLL.
TUFILA, TULIPH hex-prism Unicorn+Tutor, Bishop+Tutor, extrapolated from Cafila, caliph.
TUGBOAT cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Eunuch+Gunboat, as small boat serving larger vessels.
TUMBLER cubic Quagga+Aggauq, EMD Acrobateise.
TUMP square FO 13:3 leaper dual to the Tray, extrapolated from Hump.
TUNARD hex-prism FO 2:root 84 leaper, extrapolated from Canard.
TUNTOR, TUNVASSER hex-prism Tutor+Eunuch, Rook+Tutor, extrapolated from Cantor, Canvasser.
TUOWARD cubic Arbez+Epoletna, Drawout for Zebra+Antelope reversed.
TURIBOU hex-prism Tutor+Elephant, extrapolated from Caribou.
TURKEY cubic/hex Keyrider+Dabchick, as a bird ending in -key.
TURNUP cubic/xyrixa Nose+Stare.
TUSBAH hex-prism Tutor+Dabbaba, extrapolated from Casbah.
TUSK square FO symmetric 2:2 leaper or (more rarely) stepper, as attribute of Elephant §.
TUSKETBALL square Musketball+Tusk ¢.
TUSSLER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Tusk+Brawler ¢.
TUSSOCK hex-prism Tuskrider+Drumstick ¢.
TUTOR hex-prism symmetric 1:root 21 leaper, as sharing SOLL of Lecturer.
TUTU hex-prism Tutor+Tucotuco ¢.
TWICE- all indicates two iterations of a divergent transformation, so that twice-Pawned, twice-Brokered, and twice-Yeomanned pieces capture in the same directions as their noncapturing moves but twice, thrice, and half the length respectively. The array piece and promotee of Draughts are Overtaking Twice-Pawned forms of the Cross and Ferz.
TWINE cubic FO 7:7:5 leaper, xyrixa dual of FO 14:5:5 leaper, in conjunction with Roper §.
TWITCHER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Packpicket+Dabchick, as a watcher of birds.
TWITTERER, TWOCHICK, TWOLEAPER hex-prism Drumsrider+Dabchick, Rumchick+Dabchick, Rumbaba+Dabbaba, first from the twittering of birds, second by analogy of third, as the compound of all pieces with leap length 2.
TWOMBAT cubic/xyrixa Numbat+Wombat, punning on its components.
TWOMCLUB cubic Numclub+Womclub, EMD Twombatwise.
TYBALT cubic/hex Dicorn with first step replaced by a Viceroy one, in conjunction with other Shakespearean names.
TYMPANIST hex-prism Tripper+Trumpeter ¢.
TYPECAST cubic/xyrixa Foil+Girth.
TYRANNY cubic Dump+Rant, as the rule of a Despot §.
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