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Index P to Man and Beast

Each entry starts with the name or prefix in capitals, linked to the Piececlopedia page if an established piece, followed by the plural in plain text if irregular. Then comes the geometry, with a link to the Man and Beast page - square also covers cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism, all covers those plus 2d hex and 2d/3d pentagonal ones, and hex covers xyrixa/hex-prism. Then comes the definition in plain text. The name's origin, if more than random and neither a Piececlopedia piece nor obvious, is in italics. Compounds of two oblique leapers always have one of a set of endings designed to avoid duplicate names for mixed-range and part-symmetric versions. Unless specified as royally-restricted a piece is capturable. The phrase "capturing as" means exclusively unless prefixed with "also". When a move can be "repeated" it means without capturing on any but the last instance. DQR stands for Defaulting to Queen (square) or Rook (hex). Names combining component names are marked ¢. FO pieces' symmetric counterparts are marked §.

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PACERER xyrixa/hex-prism Macel+Nesnight+Ruaochs, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Caperer whose Curved rider it is.
PACKAGE cubic xyrixa Hump+Disguise, as attribute of Merchant §.
PACKET cubic/hex Unicorn restricted to moving at least two steps, extrapolated from Picket.
PACKPICKET cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Piker+Paker, extrapolated from Pickpocket.
PACKPOCKET cubic/hex Poker+Paker, extrapolated from Pickpocket.
PADDER square Panda+Dabbaba ¢.
PADDICK cubic Ferz+Zombie, by analogy to Frog, Toad, Newt.
PADDY, PADGET cubic/hex Pandacub+Key ¢, Horn+Pandacub, second as as -N to -T switch on Pangolin §.
PADLOCK cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Panda+Elk ¢.
PAGE square Pawn+Tanner ¢, and also as both a servant and a piece of paper often joined to others by a Stitcher §.
PAIR- all alternator's compound with the Straight pieces having the longer and shorter steps or leaps, as Woman- plus Man-.
PAKER cubic/hex Horn restricted to moving at least two steps, extrapolated from Poker.
PALE hex-prism FO 3:root 31 leaper, as description of Snowyowl §.
PALIMPSEST cubic/hex Pandit+Imp ¢.
PALMIST xyrixa/hex-prism dual to cubic Etsah, FO 2-root-21 leaper, as practioner of superstition involving 5-fingered palm.
PAMEL square symmetric 11:1 leaper dual to the Parson, extrapolated from Camel.
PAMINA hex-prism Princess+Drumstick, in conjunction with Papagen[a/o].
PAMPER hex FO root-43 leaper dual to cubic Pipistrelle, as what one might do to prize animal including Prizemouse §.
PAMPHLET cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Poker+Piker+Paker, from Dickens § publishing his early stories episodically.
PANAMAHAT xyrixa Petmouse+Anomalure ¢.
PANCAKE square Prince plus Hoppered Nightrider.
PANDA square Rook restricted to make odd numbers of moves, also various leaping versions, from its switching between black and white squares.
PANDACUB square Wing restricted to make odd numbers of moves, also various leaping versions, sa a diminutive of Panda §.
PANDIT cubic/hex Pandacub+Raccooncub, as -N to -T switch on Pantaloon §.
PANDYMAN Pandymen square Pond+Pump, extrapolated from Handyman.
PANFUL square Panda+Elephant ¢.
PANGOLIN cubic/hex Unicorn+Panda, as exotic animal starting with Pan-.
PANIC square Pandacub+Dabchick ¢.
PANJANDRUM hex-prism Worldgeneral+Addbuck, by analogy to Pasha.
PANNOCK, PANTALOON, PANTECHNICON cubic/hex Panda+Eunuch, Panda+Raccoon, Pantaloon+Dybbuk all ¢, but second also in conjunction with Harlequin.
PANTER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Pandacub+Antler ¢.
PANTHER all enhances pieces carrying it in the manner defined in Pink Panther Chess.
PANTRYMAID xyrixa Pentagram+Petmouse ¢.
PAPAGENA, PAPAGENO hex-prism Countess+Drumstick, Missionary+Drumstick, in conjunction with Pamina.
PAPOCKET hex-prism Pockeranker+Packefiler if hex-ranked, Pockeleveller+Packecolumner if hex-level, extrapolated from Unrook.
PARA- square/hex restricts radial moves to forward direction, in conjunction with Co-, Meta-, Mini-, Ride-, Sub-, Under-, and Vice-.
PARBINE square symmetric 10:8 mover requiring an occupied halfway cell for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), extrapolated from Carbine.
PARDONER square Bishop+Dybbuk, as one forgiving torture.
PARISH hex-prism Packpocket+Drummer, in conjunction with other collective names for such compounds.
PARISHIONER cubic 45° Wazir-Quitter alternator, EMD Parsonwise.
PARLOUS cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Pandit+Tusk ¢.
PARROT cubic/hex-prism Bittern+Molerat, as a bird, from its Bittern component.
PARSON square symmetric 6:5 leaper, in conjunction with other church titles below Bishop for n+1:n leapers.
PART- square/hex restricts radial moves to odd numbers of steps and the forward direction, which gives only part of the symmetric compound.
PARTRIDGE square FO 10:8 mover requiring an occupied halfway cell for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), extrapolated from Cartridge.
PARVENU square Parson+Pamel ¢.
PASHA, PASHTUN square Prince+Alibaba, problematist usage.
PASHTUN square Princeling+Thief, to go with Pasha §.
PASSEGIATA hex Wastrrider restricted to moving odd number of steps, as an activity of idlers such as the Wastrel starting with the same two letters as Panda.
PAST hex FO pure-hex root-13 leaper dual to cubic Epirts, as time when Aurochs § lived.
PATCH cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Cross+Lurch, by analogy to Frock. Toke, Nuke.
PATHFINDER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicorn with first two steps replaced by Ferz ones, from horses following bridle paths.
PATIENT Pawnlike piece all one with an optional double-step initial move restricted to first step being noncapturing, as able to wait for second step to attack.
PATRI- all combines the prefixes Man- and Side-, from inheritance on father's side as distinct from mother's side.
PATRIARCH cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Bishop+Nag, as another religious title particularly prominent in the Eastern churches like Metropolitan.
PATRICIAN cubic moves as a Knight from the Tunnel (pre-WW1 Ireland), but as a Coheir from the Wall (representing England) and Frame (Scotland), files of a Tunnelchess board, from the Irish chivalrous Order of Saint Patrick.
PATRIOT cubic Knight+Monk, from both rôles requiring loyalty.
PATRON hex-prism Viscount+Dadaist, as a lord patronising the arts.
PATTLE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Pantaloon+Elephant ¢.
PAUSE cubic FO 8:8:3 leaper, for the uncertainty of the Equivocator §.
PAVILION square Pawn+Vanguard ¢.
PAWN square Point capturing as Cross.
PAWNED piece square piece capturing as piece related as Ferz/Cross to Wazir/Point, from previous entry.
PAYROLL cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Scrooge+Elephant, in conjunction with other collective names for such compounds.
PBALLOON, PBEAR, PBOFFIN xyrixa Pbear+Raccoon, Pandafiler+Bearranker, Unicorn+Pbear, extrapolated from Rbishop, P stands for Pantaloon in first and Pangolin in last.
PEACOCK, PEADEMON hex-prism Moorcock+Grouse, Moordemon+Hyrax.
PEADOFHERD hex-prism Prefect+Elephant, extrapolated from Headofherd.
PEAHEN, PEAHOPPER hex-prism Moorhen+Pheasant, Moorhopper+Signpost.
PEAKER cubic/hex Paker+Dabchick ¢.
PEAMISER, PEAPOTENTATE hex-prism Moormiser+Boycott, Moorpotentate+Neurotic.
PEARL- hex-prism adds Rumchick move to symmetric SD pieces, adds Ferz moves to FO HD pieces, and makes orthogonal component of Landlordwise pieces symmetric, from another whitish substance to go with silver and steel.
PEARLCOOK, PEARLCHEF, PEARLGENERAL, PEARLRIDER hex-prism Cook+Octchick, Chef+Octrider, Ferz+Rumchick, Bishop+Dilemma.
PEASWITCHER hex-prism Moorswitcher+Badger.
PECKER square Piker+Dabchick ¢.
PEFTER, PEFTING hex-prism symmetric and FO 6:root 12 leaper, extrapolated from Hefter, Hefting.
PEGASUS cubic/hex Aviator+Pony, as a mythical flying horse.
PELF xyrixa/hex-prism piece moving twice as far as Palmist in same directions, extrapolated from Calf.
PELICAN xyrixa/hex-prism Palmist+Etsah ¢.
PENDU hex-prism Pentagram+Epoletna ¢.
PENGUIN square 35° Viceroy-Elephant 3-stepper, as bird whose "flight" is underwater.
PENITENT Pawnlike piece all one with an optional double-step initial move restricted to second step being noncapturing, as not repeating attack on second step.
PENSIVE cubic/xyrixa Antelope+Petmouse ¢.
PENTAGRAM xyrixa/hex-prism dual to cubic Epoletna, symmetric 2-root-21 leaper, by analogy to Heptagram.
PENTELICUS cubic/xyrixa Namel+Petmouse ¢.
PEPPERPOT cubic Epoletna+Petmouse ¢.
PERALD hex-prism Unicorn+Prefect, extrapolated from Herald.
PERCUSSIONIST hex-prism Elkrider+Drummer, from the image of someone banging a lot of instruments as if with antlers.
PERI cubic/xyrixa Sexton+Elf, as a kind of fairy.
PERMIT, PERO, PEROINE, PERON hex-prism Prefect+Eunuch, Bishop+Prefect, Rook+Prefect, Prefect+Dabbaba, extrapolated from Hermit, Hero, Heroine, Heron.
PETMOUSE cubic symmetric 7:5:1 leaper, xyrixa dual to the FO 10:7:1 leaper, in conjunction with other rodent names as well as having thrice the Pentagram's SOLL.
PEWER, PEWING hex-prism differ from Pefter, Pefting in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), extrapokated from Hewer, Hewing.
PFARRIERESS cubic Brook+Nfarrier, adding initial of Patriarch.
PHEASANT hex-prism Bishoranker+Dicorfiler on Glinski-level, vice versa on Wellisch-level, and Bishocolumner+Dicorleveller on hex-ranked, in conjunction with Moorcock, Moorhen, and Grouse.
PHEROLAIS xyrixa/hex-prism piece moving twice as far as Pentagram in same directions, extrapolated from Charolais.
PHOBBIT square Unicorn+Ppony, adding initial of Pathfinder.
PHOBIC piece primarily hex one unable to even pass through cells of a particular binding defaulting to a Unicorn binding on hex boards and a Dabbaba one on rectilinear boards.
PHOENIX square 45° Wazir-Ferz 6-stepper, devised by George Duke among such Rook-Bishop pieces.
PHYSICIAN cubic Healer+Tactician, as an old term for a medical man.
PICKET square Bishop restricted to moving at least two steps, from Timur's Chess.
PICKPOCKET square Poker+Piker, from having the forward moves of both Picket and Pocket.
PICKUP cubic Aria+Pipsqueak ¢.
PIGLET square Viceroy+Key, as weaker version of Sow and Boar.
PIKER square Mitre restricted to moving at least two steps, extrapolated from Poker.
PILEUP hex-prism Pollinator+Graft.
PILFERER cubic symmetric 7:4:1 leaper, from having thrice the Prizemouse's SOLL.
PILGRIM cubic/hex Theologian+Pathfinder, as someone going on religious journey.
PILLAR cubic/xyrixa Helm+Shovel, from church architecture surrounding Churchwarden §.
PINCER piece all one capturing by moving next to an enemy but requiring an ally immediately the other side.
PINCHER square Princeling+Triffid, extrapolated from Pitcher §.
PINHEAD cubic Meadow+Pipsqueak ¢.
PINUP xyrixa Niggler+Pogoer ¢.
PIPISTRELLE, PIPSQUEAK cubic symmetric 7:6:1 leaper, FO 7:6:1 leaper, first in conjunction with other bat names, second as a disaparaging term starting with same letters.
PITCHER square Prince+Trilby, in conjunction with Watcher and Fetcher..
PITCHING piece cubic one whose move rotates 90° around the axis of the ranks.
PITCHFORK cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Piker+Imp ¢.
PITEOUS cubic Pipistrelle+Filcher ¢.
PIVOTED piece all one that can rotate, but no more than 45° from its array direction(s).
PIXIE hex-prism 28° Ferz-Rumbaba alternator, EMD Elfwise.
PLAGIARIST hex-prism Drummrider+Thief, as a musician stealing another's compositiontu.
PLAGUER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Governor+Laypreacher, as a powerful compound piece.
PLANNER cubic Attendant+Engineer, as one deciding whether engineering projects gop ahead.
PLATER hex 60° Crooked Panda, in the sense that it turns only where it can stop and so alternates between two paths of the Farrier, by analogy to the Proselyte.
PLATYPUS any Gardener+Wazbafiler, Stepping for all moves, from Outback Chess.
PLAYFULNESS cubic/xyrixa Longplayer+Wideplayer, from the syllable play in both components.
PLEA, PLOT cubic FO 8:7:1 leaper, FO 7:4:1 leaper, first as an act of begging by a Beggar §, second as how a Pilferer § might plan out his pilfering.
PLOUGH hex 120° Crooked Panda, in the sense that it turns only where it can stop and so alternates between two paths of the Simurgh, by analogy to the Proselyte.
PLUNDERER, PLUNDERFOLLOW-ER/-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN, PLUNDER-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Slingshot+Arrowcoward and its further compounds with the same-rank moves respectively of the Sling/Cannonade/Arbalest/Arsenal/Cannon/Arrow/Tank, extrapolated from Boater.
POACHER square/hex Point+Trechick, from Point and -switcher.
POCKET square/hex Rook restricted to moving at least two steps, extrapolated from Picket.
PODGY xyrixa Pogoer+Gatherer ¢.
POGOER hex pure-hex root-67 leaper, starts with reversed early letters of Gopher §, extrapolated from Runaround.
POINT all FO 1:0 stepper, from pattern made of potential move on cubic board as viewed by either of two face-to-face players.
POINTRESERVIST hex Wazir restricted to half-forward orthogonals.
POKER square/hex Wing restricted to moving at least two steps, influenced by Pocket §.
POLE all piece that can move to any empty cell but can neither capture nor be captured, from Pole Chess.
POLLARD hex-prism 69° Wazir-Ferz alternator, as a usually horned mammal with its horns removed, for its Dicorn EMD.
POLLINATOR xyrixa/hex-prism dual of cubic Chromosome, FO 4:root 7 leaper, in conjunction with Germinator §.
POLYGLOT cubic/xyrixa Elf+Wideplayer, from the syllable play in both components.
POND square FO 8:1 leaper, as feature of home environment to the Bittern §.
PONTIFF hex-prism Bishop+Dicorn, from an established religion's chief preist's position under their sovereign, in contrast to Governor as the opposite.
PONTOON cubic Fortnight+Overscore, as game whose aim to have cards worth the 21 of the Overscore's SOLL.
PONY cubic/hex Unicorn with first two steps replaced by Wazir ones, from scaled-down horse carrying smaller loadss.
POPE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Bishop+Duke, as highest rank in Catholic church for most fully crowned Bishop on cubic board.
PORTER hex-prism Bellboy+Drunkard, as a more senior carrier to a bellboy and also a kind of beer.
POSSUM cubic synonym for Opossum, as animal and piece.
POSTHORN cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicorn+Pathfinder, as a horn sounded along a well-used path.
POSTMAN Postmen hex-prism Pupil+Subordinate ¢.
POTHEAD xyrixa Pogoer+Gripe ¢.
POTTER, POTFOLLOW-ER/-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN, POT-RESS/-SMAN/-SWOMAN square Point+Crosscoward and its further compounds with the same-rank moves respectively of the Viceroy/Duke/Baron/Archduke/Wazir/Ferz/Prince, in conjunction with Tiler.
POWERLEAD cubic/xyrixa Length+Width, from the length of leads to power sound systems.
PPICKET xyrixa Pockefiler+Pickeranker, extrapolated from Rbishop.
PPOCKET, PPONY cubic Pockeranker+Pickefiler, Unicorn with first two steps replaced by Fwazir ones, extrapolated from Brook.
PRANGER hex-prism Drummrider+Elk, as a deer noisily attacking with its antlers.
PRAWN cubic Snail+Shrimp, as a modest addition to the Shrimp.
PRAYERMAT cubic/xyrixa Parson+Onlooker ¢ and also alluding to the Parson's religious capacity.
PRECAST xyrixa Pogoer+Ramifier ¢.
PREFECT, PREFROCK hex-prism symmetric 3:root 3 leaper, Preferider+Slate, first simply as a title of authority previously unused, second short for Preferiding Hummock.
PREHEAT cubic Exorcist+Propounder ¢.
PREMIER hex-prism Wazir+Ferz+Bellman, as title of head of government but not state for capturable form of Emperor who is head of both.
PREOCK hex/prism Prefect+Slate, short for Prefected Hummock.
PRESERVATIONIST cubic Pipsqueak+Plot ¢.
PRESIDENT hex-prism Wazir+Ferz+Bellman, as title of head of both government and state for more powerful version of King.
PRESS cubic Foundation+Technician+Reporter, as where one might print report out.
PRESUMPTIVE cubic Princess+Saltire, as eldest daughter of sovereign destined to inherit only as long as she has no brother.
PRETENDER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Horn+Princeling, an underling to a Usurper §.
PRIESTESS square Albatross+Curate, on the model bird+priest=woman, by analogy to Rook+Bishop=Queen.
PRIMATE square Bishop+Wazir, as senior bishop.
PRINCE square Wazir+Ferz.
PRINCELING square Point+Cross, as term for relatively minor Prince §.
PRINCESS square Wing+Mitre, as daughter of a Queen §.
PRINTER cubic Technician+Reporter, as one printing reports out.
PRIORESS hex-prism Rook+Drunkard, in conjunction with Abbess and Nun.
PRISON, PRIZEMOUSE hex FO root-61 pure-hex leaper, symmetric pure-hex root-43 leaper dual to cubic Pipistrelle, first as somewhere in which society wishes to Entrap § criminals and from sharing SOLL of Eson, second in conjunction with other rodent names.
PRIZEJOYSTICK hex-prism 30° Viceroy-Quibbler alternator, EMD Prizemousewise.
PRO- square, hex restricts radial moves to the forward direction but can indefinitely repeat moves, radial ones in the same direction and oblique ones - or the more limited moves of the named piece is a mixed-range radial one in a Curved path.
PROCESSION, PROCRUSTES, PRODDER hex-prism Dabbarider+Alderman, Dilemma+Thief, Poker+Drumstick, first as a civic occasion, second as a mad robber from legend in conjunction with other mythical sinners' names for similar Dilemma compounds, third from a poking-like action.
PROGRESSIVE cubic Propounder+Ultimatum ¢.
PROMENADER hex Wastrrider restricted to moving at least two steps, as another idler like the Wastrel but closest to starting with the same two letters as Pocket.
PROMOTING piece any one whose move can cause another piece to become stronger, especially to what it will usually become only on reaching the far side of the board.
PRONE cubic symmetric 14:4:2 leaper, extrapolated from Crane.
PROPOUNDER cubic symmetric 7:2:1 leaper, in conjunction with Expounder.
PROSELYTE hex 90° Crooked Panda, in the sense that it turns only where it can stop and so alternates between two paths of the Anchorite, as someone changing religion, first suggested by John Smith.
PROTEUS, PROTOCOL cubic Propounder+Lumel ¢, Propounder+Opossum ¢.
PROWL pentagonal Waggle+Meander, as crooked movement sharing Princess' initial.
PUBLICIST hex-prism Host+Alderman, in conjunction with Patron.
PUCK cubic Navvy+Thug, a character in the same play as the Oberon of its EMD.
PUFFIN square 45° Wazir-Elephant 3-stepper, from a bird that is black and white.
PULLING cubic/hex-prism Lump+Loomer ¢.
PULTBOAT square Puffin+Puntail, extrapolated from Faltboat.
PUMP square FO 9:7 leaper dual to the Pond, extrapolated from Hump.
PUNCHUP cubic/hex-prism Haste+Etsah.
PUNISHER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Eunucrider+Elephant, from the idea of a master crushing his servant under an elephant.
PUNJABI hex-prism Daygeneral+Addler, by analogy to Pashtun.
PUNTAIL square 45° Ferz-Cobbler 3-stepper, extrapolated from Fantail.
PUPIL hex FO pure-hex root-19 leaper dual to cubic Epirts, as younger kind of Student §.
PURIST cubic Rant+Daste.
PURSE square Pandacub+Tusk ¢.
PUSH-PULL piece all one that can be both Towing and Shunting.
PUSHMEPULLYU piece DQR all one that can be both Advancer and Withdrawer
PYLON square Antelope+Gimel, as something tall.
PYTHON pentagonal Boa+Wazir, as snake sharing Primate's initial.
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