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Index O to Man and Beast

Each entry starts with the name or prefix in capitals, linked to the Piececlopedia page if an established piece, followed by the plural in plain text if irregular. Then comes the geometry, with a link to the Man and Beast page - square also covers cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism, all covers those plus 2d hex and 2d/3d pentagonal ones, and hex covers xyrixa/hex-prism. Then comes the definition in plain text. The name's origin, if more than random and neither a Piececlopedia piece nor obvious, is in italics. Compounds of two oblique leapers always have one of a set of endings designed to avoid duplicate names for mixed-range and part-symmetric versions. Unless specified as royally-restricted a piece is capturable. The phrase "capturing as" means exclusively unless prefixed with "also". When a move can be "repeated" it means without capturing on any but the last instance. DQR stands for Defaulting to Queen (square) or Rook (hex). Names combining component names are marked ¢. FO pieces' symmetric counterparts are marked §.

As so few pieces start with O and Q and so many with N, P, and R I have grouped O and Q together with a link to Index P in between.

New in 2016 under this letter: Quantum

The acknowledgments, overview, and glossary to the series can be found here.


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OANDYMAN Oandymen cubic xyrixa Occult+Oump, extrapolated from Handyman.
OASIS- hex-prism adds Cross move to Marquiswise pieces, adds Marquis moves to FO SD pieces, and makes Viscountwise component of Spokesmanwise pieces symmetric, in conjunction with names of other environments and natural phenomena.
OASISGENERAL, OASISRIDER, OASISRULER hex-prism Marquis+Cross, Marchioness+Mitre, Grandmarquis+Cross.
OBERON cubic xyrixa Sexton+Ninja, Shakespeare character echoing baronial 2:3 SOLL ratio.
OBEYER cubic Sexton capturing as Ninja, as a word for one following orders, with the same first three letters as Oberon.
OBFUSCATOR cubic symmetric 8:8:7 leaper, from being a Hypotenuse piece of Broadwayman and unnamed 10:3:3 leaper.
OBOEIST hex-prism Stripe+Oven ¢.
OBSTACLE cubic FO 8:8:7 leaper, as an Obfuscator § might put in your way.
OCCASION, OCCLUSION square Okapi+Springbok, Okalpaca+Springbok ¢.
OCEANUS, OCELOT cubic Ognimalf+Octodont, Famel+Octodont ¢.
OCCULT cubic FO 6:3:2 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Oump, as movement that draws star shapes such as the Heptagram §.
OCT... hex-prism reduction of Octchick to add suffixes to.
OCTAVIAN hex-prism Unicorn+Tybalt, in conjunction with other Shakespearean names.
OCTCARIBOU cubic Endcaribou+Sexton, adding in the ends of the octahedron whose sides the oblique component's destination delineate.
OCTCHICK hex-prism Rumchick capturing as Cross, capturing destinations suggest vertices of octahedron.
OCTCHICKED piece hex-prism piece capturing as piece related as Ferz/Cross to Rumbaba/Rumchick, from previous entry.
OCTGAMEWARDEN, OCTKNIGHT cubic Endgamewarden+Nearten, Catapult+Viceroy, adding in the ends of the octahedra whose sides the oblique component's destination delineate.
OCTODONT cubic symmetric 8:3:1 leaper, in conjnuction with other rodent names.
OCTOPUS cubic Lobster+Shrimp, from having eight forward moves twice as long as the non-forward ones.
OCTSWAN, OCTTRAMPLER cubic Endswan+Fencer+Underscore+Overscore, Endtrampler+Fortnight+Nimel+Eunuch, adding in the ends of the octahedra whose sides the oblique component's destination delineate.
ODDFELLOW cubic symmetric 5:3:1 leaper, hex-prism symmetric 4:root 19 leaper, as the first cubic piece with three distinct odd coordinates.
ODYSSEUS cubic Oddfellow+Dodderer ¢.
OFFBEAT cubic/hex-prism Famel+Ognimalf ¢.
OFFENSIVE, OFFICIOUS, OFFROAD hex-prism Foal+Offscore, Fortnight+Offscore, Senhelm+Trainer ¢.
OFFSCORE hex-prism symmetric 3:root 12 leaper, from having same leap length as Overscore.
OFME cubic/hex-prism Queen+Fortnight, extrapolated from Acme.
OGNIMALF cubic symmetric 7:4:3 leaper, hex-prism symmetric 7:5 leaper with the 7 specifically hex-oblique, Flamingo for dual of symmetric 7:5 reversed.
OGRESS cubic/hex-prism Flamingo+Ognimalf ¢.
OILRIG cubic Okapi+Ipako, EMD Loftinesswise ¢.
OKALPACA, OKANGORA, OKAPI square 45° Dabbaba-Tripper alternator, Okapi+Okalpaca, 45° Ferz-Trebuchet alternator, EMDs Gimelwise/Guruwise/Giraffewise, first two extrapolated from Alpaca and Angora.
OLDBUCK, OLDSTER hex-prism Elephant+Eunuch+Drummer, Tusk+Key+Drumstick, Addax being an ungulate starting with the initials of Alfil/Dabbaba/Drummer.
ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE rule all a rule that a diagonal step or oblique leap must be between opposite corners of a complete block of cells - a rectangle of square cells, parallelogram of hex ones, cuboid of cubic cells, et cetera.
ONE RING all enhances Black pieces carrying it to Queen but reduces White ones to Princeling - but allows White to win the game by carrying it to the far rank, Robert Price's variant of that name and Fellowship of the Ring.
ONLOOKER cubic symmetric 8:7:3 leaper, xyrixa dual to the cubic Nosrap, from same first consonant and vowel as the Nosrap which has half its SOLL.
OOGSE hex root-37 Curved linepiece on 6-stage circuit, reversing first 3 letters of Goose whose Curved rider it is.
OOZKEEPER hex Nueuch+Mozbie, reversing first 3 letters, or 2 consonants, of Zookeeper whose Curved rider it is.
OPENING, OPENNESS hex-prism Past+Oven, Overscore+Offscore ¢.
OPERAHAT cubic Flittermouse+Pipistrelle, from the opera Die Fledermaus.
OPHELIA hex-prism Dicorn+Desdemona, in conjunction with other Shakespearean names.
OPHIR, OPOSSUM cubic Ninja+Opossum, symmetric 7:4:4 leaper, first ¢, second in conjunction with other marsupial names.
OPPORTUNIST xyrixa dual of cubic Propounder, completing group with Exocist, Expounder, and Propounder.
OPPROBRIUM cubic Nimel+Opossum ¢.
ORACLE hex-prism Princess+Rumchick, as a means of access to the goddess to which Diva § alludes.
OREAD, ORGIAST hex-prism Lesson+Recap, Sump+Oven.
ORMOLU square Ox+Xomel ¢.
ORPHAN all piece moving exactly like any piece attacking it, rotated for its own player's sense of "forward".
ORTHROS hex-prism Rook with first and last step replaced by Rumbaba ones, in conjunction with other mythical dogs' names.
ORVE hex Accent+Accenrevisionist, extrapolated from Crab.
ORYX hex-prism 30° Viceroy-Dabbaba alternator, EMD Aurochswise.
OSE square Queen+Stork, extrapolated from Ace.
OSPREY cubic Vulture+Kite, as bird of (and ending in) prey starting with same letter as Oberon.
OSTLER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Anchorite+Farrier, as a person working with horses.
OSTRICH square 45° Ferz-Trebuchet 3-stepper, from a bird that is tall and found in Africa.
OSTROGOTH hex-prism Dicorn+Dabbaba, in conjunction with Goth, Vandal, Varangian, Viking, and Visigoth.
OTHELLO hex-prism Dicorn with first 2 steps replaced by Ferz ones, in conjunction with other Shakespearean names.
OUMP cubic FO 8:5:3 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Occult, extrapolated from Hump.
OUT- hex-prism reduction of Outlander to add suffixes to.
OUTCAST cubic Friar+Grasp, from the isolation of monastic life.
OUTER- hex-prism indicates piece whose first step has the longer hex-plane coordinate.
OUTFACE cubic hex-prism Forthelm=Accent, as a player of card games such as Pontoon § might try to do.
OUTLAND piece hex-prism piece capturing as piece related as Rumbaba/Rumchick to Viceroy/Saltire, from next entry.
OUTLANDER hex-prism Saltire capturing as Rumchick, extrapolated from Highlander and Lowlander.
OUTLET cubic FO 7:7:1 leaper, xyrixa dual of FO 14:1:1 leaper, in conjunction with Input, Output, and Inlet.
OUTPOST cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Pocket+Eunuch, in conjunction with other "near-castles" Estate and Mansion for enhanced Pockets.
OUTPUT cubic FO 5:5:1 leaper, xyrixa dual of cubic Length, in conjunction with Input, Inlet, and Outlet.
OUTRACE cubic Output+Outlet ¢.
OUTSETTER square symmetric 9:4 leaper, in conjnuction with Upsetter for the 6:6:5 one with the same SOLL.
OVE cubic Queen+Overscore, extrapolated from Ace.
OVECRAB hex Accent+Accenreservist+Accenshelterer, extrapolated from Sencrab.
OVEN, OVENROCK hex-prism FO 1:root 12 leaper, first as attribute of Baker §, second short for Ovenriding Hillock.
OVER- square/hex restricts oblique moves to forward direction but allows radial moves to be indefinitely repeated in the same direction, including part-repeats, from having one of the largest numbers of destinations short of being fully symmetric.
OVERLINE, OVEROSE hex-prism 30° Viceroy-Trebuchet alternator, EMD Overscorewise, Curved root-21 linepiece on 12-stage circuit, second extrapolated from Senrose.
OVERSCORE cubic symmetric 4:2:1 leaper, hex FO root-21 leaper dual to cubic Votary, from having SOLl 21, one over a score.
OVERTAKING piece all one moving to an empty cell and capturing an intercening enemy.
OVESHAL cubic Rook+Oversceore, extrapolated from Marshal.
OVIPOSITOR hex-prism Oven+Gable ¢.
OX Oxen square symmetric 7:4 leaper, as an ungulate name whose letters are unused for any shorter-length leaper.
OXHERD hex-prism Dicorn+Bucephalus, a horned-animal rôle for a Dicorn compound to go with Equerry for a Unicorn one.
OXPECKER square Bitteranker+Oxfiler, combining bird aspect of first with start of second.
OXUP square Ox+Pond, short for Oxed Lineup.
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QUAGGA square 45° Wazir-Elephant alternator, EMD Zebrawise.
QUAIL square symmetric 11:2 leaper, in conjunction with other bird names for pieces in near-orthogonal directions starting with the 6:1 Flamingo.
QUAKER hex-prism Picket+Drummer, in conjunction with other unusual Christian groupings for hex-prism Picket compounds.
QUALDERNEY, QUALPACA, QUANGORA square 45° Dabbaba-Commuter and Ferz-Cobbler alternators, Quagga+Qualpaca, EMDs Zebrawise/Zemelwise/Zebuwise, extrapolated from Alderney/Alpaca/Angora.
QUANTUM royally-restricted piece all one that starts off occupying multiple cells but must, when one such cell is threatened by an enemy, settle on a particular, different, such cell to occupy, from Gateway Chess.
QUASI- square, hex restricts radial moves to the forward direction but can indefinitely repeat radial moves any odd number of times in the same direction, and oblique ones any number on a Curved path.
QUASIT hex Quagga+Springbok ¢.
QUEEN square Rook+Bishop.
QUERQUISITE square piece moving as the piece on whose file (relative to the FIDE army) the move starts.
QUEST cubic/xyrixa Shovel+Cloak, as something that an Elf might go on.
QUETZALCOATL pentagonal Rattlesnake+Boa, as serpentine deity sharing Queen's initial.
QUIBBLER, QUICATCHER, QUICHICK square/hex symmetric 5:0 leaper, Wazir+Quitter, FO 5:0 leaper, extrapolated from Cobbler, Cowcatcher, Cobchick.
QUICKENING xyrixa Haste+Moaner, from the quickness of haste.
QUICOCTION, QUICRETION, QUIDWAINER, QUIFECTION, QUIFF, QUIFORTER, QUILBY square Cross+Quichick, Cross+Quisk, Wazir+Quibbler, Ferz+Quibbler, Quichick+Quisk, Ferz+Quitter, Quibbler+Quitter extrapolated from Concoction, Concretion, Cowcatcher, Cobchick, Coffin, Comforter, Colby.
QUILL hex-prism FO 7:4 leaper with the 7 specifically hex-oblique, as attrivbute of porcupines such as the Hystrix §.
QUINETTIST, QUINSTICK hex-prism symmetric and FO 5:root 75 leapers, extrapolated from Cornettist/Cornstick.
QUIPOKE, QUIPON square/hex Point+Quisk, Point+Quichick, extrapolated from Cowpoke, Coupon.
QUIRK cubic FO 5:3:1 leaper, hex-prism FO 4:root 19 leaper, as what makes the Oddfellow § odd.
QUISK square FO 5:5 leaper, extrapolated from Comsk.
QUISLING cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Queen+Sling ¢.
QUISLINGSTONE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Princess+Slingstone ¢.
QUITEMAD hex-prism Quirk+Rage ¢, and also referring to Madness §.
QUITTER square symmetric 4:4 leaper, extrapolated from Commuter.
QUIVER cubic FO 7:6:3 leaper, as reflex of the Trembler §.
QUOKKA hex Quagga+Okapi ¢.
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