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Index G to Man and Beast

Each entry starts with the name or prefix in capitals, linked to the Piececlopedia page if an established piece, followed by the plural in plain text if irregular. Then comes the geometry, with a link to the Man and Beast page - square also covers cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism, all covers those plus 2d hex and 2d/3d pentagonal ones, and hex covers xyrixa/hex-prism. Then comes the definition in plain text. The name's origin, if more than random and neither a Piececlopedia piece nor obvious, is in italics. Compounds of two oblique leapers always have one of a set of endings designed to avoid duplicate names for mixed-range and part-symmetric versions. Unless specified as royally-restricted a piece is capturable. The phrase "capturing as" means exclusively unless prefixed with "also". When a move can be "repeated" it means without capturing on any but the last instance. DQR stands for Defaulting to Queen (square) or Rook (hex). Names combining component names are marked ¢. FO pieces' symmetric counterparts are marked §.

New in 2016 under this combination of letters: Gartersnake, Groveller
New in 2015 under this letter: Gazetteer, Giretaker, Grapple

The acknowledgments, overview, and glossary to the series can be found here.


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GABLE hex FO root-39 leaper dual to cubic Nabber, as found in barns and roosted in by the Barnowl §.
GALAHAD cubic/xyrixa Girth+Lank ¢.
GALLEON, GALLEONBALL cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Governor+Cannon, Missionary+Cannonball ¢.
GALIOT xyrixa Gopher+Agouti ¢.
GALLOP, GALUMPH square Knight+Camel+Zebra+Zemel, Zebra+Zemel+Giraffe+Gimel, extrapolated from Knight+Zebra=Gazelle and Zebra+Giraffe=Gamewarden respectively and "spare" endings.
GAMBLER hex-prism 30° Dabbaba-Zombie alternator, EMD Bettongwise.
GAMEL, GAMEWARDEN square symmetric 13:3 leaper dual to the Agronome, Zebra+Giraffe, first extrapolated from Camel, second from the African game parks containing both beasts.
GANDYMAN Gandymen square Gift+Gump, extrapolated from Handyman.
GANGSTER cubic Rhino+Thug, one up on a Thug as the Samurai of its EMD is on the Ninja of the Thug's.
GANGUP xyrixa Gatherer+Ramifier ¢.
GARAGE cubic/hex Gardener+Wether, from Guarantor §.
GARGOYLE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Mitre+Imp, from certain Mediaeval craftsmen modelling gargoyles on the clergy of the time.
GARDENER square/hex Point+(usually Stepping) Dabchick+(usually Stepping) Trechick, from Guardian §.
GARTER cubic moves as a Knight from the Wall (representing England), but as a Coheir from the Frame (Scotland) and Tunnel (pre-WW1 Ireland), files of a Tunnelchess board, from the English chivalrous Order of the Garter.
GARTERSNAKE pentagonal-prism Boa+Urotheca, as snake sharing Governor's initial.
GASBLAST xyrixa Niggler+Gatherer ¢.
GASTRIC cubic Girth+Excuse ¢.
GATEAU square Agronome+Gamel ¢.
GATHERER xyrixa dual to the FO 10:5:3 leaper, starts with reversed early letters of Agouti §, extrapolated from Runaround.
GAVIAL cubic Allerbmu+Grace ¢.
GAZELLE square Knight+Zebra, established name but for some reason lacks Piececlopedia page.
GAZETTEER square Knight capturing as Zebra, as a word for a guide book useful to travellers, with the same first three letters as Gazelle.
GCOSMOPOLITAN cubic Unicorn+Csimurgh, adding initial of Godfather.
GDUCHESS cubic Brook+Unicorn, adding initial of Governor.
GEARWHEEL cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Tuskrider+Key, as a mechanism with teeth.
GEMELLE cubic Genome+Muddler ¢.
GEMINID cubic/xyrixa Gimel+Feaster ¢.
GEMMING xyrixa/hex-prism piece moving twice as far as the Germinator in the same directions, extrapolated from Lemming.
GENEPOOL cubic Genome+Gerbil ¢.
GENERAL all royally-restricted symmetric 1:0 stepper.
GENERALISSIMO hex on a convex board, General+inward Saltire+outward Salticoward; on a stelliform board, forward and backward moves reversed, as a more powerful General but not quite a Grandduke or King.
GENIE cubic xyrixa/hex-prism Camel+Elf, as a spirit of desert areas.
GENITIVE cubic/xyrixa Gimel+Slimmer ¢.
GENOME cubic symmetric 6:3:1 leaper, hex-prism symmetric 3:root 37 leaper, from its SOLL of 46.
GENOU hex-prism Germinator+Genome ¢.
GEOSTAT cubic Agronome+Fruitbat.
GERBIL cubic symmetric 7:4:2 leaper, xyrixa dual to the symmetric 11:4:1 leaper, from having 1½ times Genome's SOLL, in conjunction with other rodent names.
GERMINATOR xyrixa/hex-prism dual of cubic Genome, symmetric 4:root 7 leaper, in conjunction with Genome, Hybridiser, and Hylonome.
GERONTIUS cubic/xyrixa Giraffe+Slimmer ¢.
GESHMAT cubic/xyrixa Gerbil+Muskrat.
GETUP cubic Irrigator+Tree.
GEYLINE xyrixa/hex-prism piece moving twice as far as the Pollinator in the same directions, extrapolated from Leyline.
GHASTLINESS hex-prism Hybridiser+Genome ¢.
GHILLIE hex-prism Viceroy capturing as Rumbaba, as specifically Scottish servant for piece whose noncapturing directions are Unicornwise.
GHILLENGER square Giraffe capturing as Gimel, extrapolated from Challenger.
GHIROLAIS square symmetric 8:2 leaper, extrapolated from Charolais.
GHOROLAIS hex symmetric root-148 leaper, extrapolated from Charolais.
GHOUL cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Elephrider+Dybbuk, as a specifically Indian demon.
GIANT piece any one occupying more than one cell, typically (on a square board) a supersquare of 2 by 2 cells.
GIBIN square Gilf+Ginard, extrapolated from Cabin.
GIDET hex Giptain restricted to most forward single move to each side of its file, extrapolated from Cadet.
GIFILA cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicorn+Gimel, extrapolatred from Cafila.
GIFT square FO 7:2 leaper with the 7 specifically orthogonal, from the famous white lie "the Stork § brought you".
GIFTAN hex Giimakan restricted to most forward single move to each side of its file, extrapolated from Kaftan.
GIFTHORSE cubic/hex Packet+Dabbaba, in conjunction with other -horse names for Packet compounds.
GIIMAKAN hex on a convex board, outward Pupilquasar+Ultraocculcoward plus inward: from centre file none, from next file out Lurch+Accenreservist+Gableshelterer+Goslicoward, from next file out Gosling+Quichreservist+Ringshelterer+Lurchcoward, from next file out Occult+Ringquarterer+Quichrevisionist+Pupilshelterer, from next file out Occult+Gablequarterer+Accenrevisionist+Pupilshelterer, from further out Ultraoccult+Pupilshelver; on a stelliform board, forward and backward moves reversed, extrapolated from Kaimakan.
GIIQUE cubic Gimel+Fiedmouse+Broadwayman, extrapolated from Caique.
GIISSON, GILASH hex on a Glinski board Underranker+Heptafiler, Aurocquarter+Oversfiler; on a Wellisch one Heptaranker+Underfiler, Oversranker+Aurocquarterer, extrapolated from Caisson, Calash.
GILF Gilves square FO 8:2 leaper, extrapolated from Calf.
GILIPH square Bishop+Gimel, extrapolated from Caliph.
GIMAN square Gimel+Blotch, short for Gimelriding Bandyman.
GIMEL square symmetric 5:3 leaper dual to the Giraffe, extrapolated from Camel.
GIMPION square Gimelrider+Rigaffe, extrapolated from Campion.
GINARD square FO 10:6 leaper, extrapolated from Canard.
GINGAROO square Giraffe+Elephant, extrapolatred from Kangaroo.
GINOE cubic Giraffe+Nimel+Wideplayer, extrapolated from Canoe.
GINTERER xyrixa/hex-prism Giraffe+Aurochs+Overscore dual to the cubic Giscade, extrapolated from Canterer.
GINTOR cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Gimel+Eunuch, extrapolated from Cantor.
GINVASSER square Rook+Gimel, extrapolated from Canvasser.
GIPARISONNER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Giraffe+Eunuch, extrapolated from Caparisonner.
GIPERER xyrixa/hex-prism Gimel+Underscore+Heptagram dual to the cubic Gitaract, in conjunction with Caperer.
GIPSTAN square Girtridge+Girving, extrapolated from Capstan.
GIPTAIN hex on a convex board, outward Arur+Ultraaccencoward plus inward: from centre file none, from next file out Accent+Eunucfiler+Cobchrevisionist+Pastcoward, from next file out Accent+Aurocfiler+Pastcoward, from next file out Accent+Cobchreservist+Eunucfiler+Pastcoward, from further out Ultraaccent+Rura; on a stelliform board, forward and backward moves reversed, extrapolated from Captain.
GIRAD cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Giraffe+Hctolb, short for Giraffed Dryad.
GIRAFFE square symmetric 4:1 leaper.
GIRAFRUT, GIRAN square Girafrider+Knight, Giraffe+Bump, short for Girafriding Lookout, Giraffed Bandyman.
GIRAVEL, GIRBINE square Girbine+Gitana, differs from Ghirolais in requiring an occupied halfway cell for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), extrapolated from Caravel, Carbine.
GIRDINAL square Bishop+Giraffe, extrapolated from Cardinal.
GIREERIST square Arrow+Giraffe, extrapolated from Careerist.
GIRETAKER square Blotch capturing as Bump, extrapolated from Caretaker.
GIRKSMAN square Cannon+Giraffe, extrapolated from Marksman.
GIRL- square adds to a coprime square-board linepiece the dueller of whichever of itself or its dual is colourswitching, or to a compound of dual linepieces the dueller of the colourswitching component.
GIRLHEXER hex 60° and 120° Crooked Rook.
GIRLSCOUT square 90° Crooked Rook.
GIRNATION square Girafrider+Migel, extrapolated from Carnation.
GIROLAIS square 8:2 Curved linepiece on 8-stage circuit, Ghirolais, whose Curved rider it is, stripped of second consonant before first vowel.
GIRPENTER square Giraffe+Dabbaba, extrapolated from Carpenter.
GIRSHAL square Rook+Giraffe, extrapolated from Marshal.
GIRTH cubic FO 5:5:1 leaper, xyrixa dual of FO 10:1:1 leaper, as attribute of Feaster §.
GIRTRIDGE, GIRVING square differ from Gilf, Ginard in requiring an occupied halfway cell for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), extrapolated from Cartridge and Carving.
GIRUP cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Giraffe+Foil, short for Giraffed Liftup.
GISCADE cubic Gimel+Arbez+Votary, extrapolated from Cascade.
GISELLE square Giraffe+Antelope ¢.
GITAMARAN, GITANA square Ghirolais+Grine, differs from Grine in requiring an occupied halfway cell for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), extrapolated from Catamaran, Katana.
GIVALCADE cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicorn+Giraffe, extrapolated from Cavalcade.
GLEANER square Giraffe+Antelope(=Giselle)+Charolais, forming the oblique 4th-perimeter leaper ¢.
GLOOM cubic FO 7:5:3 leaper, from the gloom of the night to which the word Noctule alludes §.
GLORIEU hex-prism Goose+Ognimalf ¢.
GNAWER hex FO root-57 leaper dual to cubic Insurgent, from selected letters of Bettong § reversed.
GNOMON cubic Genome+Muskrat ¢.
GNU square Knight+Camel.
GOAT xyrixa Guineapig+Gopher ¢.
GOBLIN square Gorgon with first step restricted to directions indicated on each cell, as lesser monster sharing many letters of Gorgon.
GODFATHER, GODMOTHER cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Unicorn+Celebrant, Duchess+Bishosheath, as those also present at a ceremony with a celebrant, and the latter is also Ancress+Godfather.
GOLD- square adds Cross move to symmetric orthogonal pieces, adds Wazir moves to FO SD pieces, and makes orthogonal component of Princelingwise pieces symmetric, from Goldgeneral.
GOLDBEAK square Mitre+Dabbaba.
GOLDCOWARD square Wazir+Crossfcoward.
GOLDDABBABA square Dabbaba+Cross.
GOLDFACULTY square Rook+Tusk.
GOLDFINCH hex-prism Finch+Cross.
GOLDGENERAL square Wazir+Cross.
GOLDHAWKER square Hawker+Wazirfiler+Cross.
GOLDHAWKRESS square Hawkress+Cross.
GOLDLINING, GOLDMINE square Guardian+Restless, Cannon+Tusk.
GOLDMITRE square Mitre+Wazir.
GOLDPAWN square Wazir capturing as Cross.
GOLDRIDER square Rook+Mitre.
GOLDROOK square Rook+Cross.
GOLDRULER square General+Cross.
GOLDSTEWARD square Steward+Yeoman.
GOLDSTEWARDESS square Stewardess+Yeomarider.
GOLDYEOMAN square Cross capturing as Wazir.
GOLEM hex-prism symmetric 1:root 27 leaper, in between Zombie and Vampire for the 0:R27 and 2:R27 leapers.
GOLF Golves hex FO root-148 leaper, extrapolated from Calf.
GOLOCK hex-prism Golem+Rumkey, short for Golemmed Hummock.
GOODWILL cubic xyrixa Cloak+Dump, from the benign nature of Tolkien's elves.
GOON hex 30° Wazir-Zombie alternator, EMD Goosewise.
GOOSE, GOPHER hex symmetric pure-hex root-37 leaper dual to cubic Ognimalf, symmetric pure-hex root-67 leaper, sharing Flamingo's, Guineapig's SOLLs respectively.
GOQUEEN hex-prism Unrook+Bishop, the G- is from Governor.
GORER square Tusk+Poker, from an animal goring with tusks.
GORGET square Helm+Blotch, as the neckpiece of armour.
GORGON square Gryphon+Anchorite, as a monster like the gryphon, combined with from the tangle of hair suggested by its paths.
GORMLESS xyrixa Gopher+Grumbler ¢.
GOSLING hex FO root-37 leaper dual to cubic Tellam as young of Goose §.
GOTH hex-prism Dicorn+Alibaba, in conjunction with Ostrogoth, Vandal, Varangian, Viking, and Visigoth.
GOUM cubic hex-prism Camel+Epoletna, as a convoy of families travelling by camel.
GOVERNOR cubic/xyrixa/hex-prism Bishop+Unicorn, from the sovereign's position in the established Anglican church.
GRACE cubic FO 6:2:1 leaper, hex-prism FO 2:root 37 leaper, as attribute of a Dancer §.
GRAFT hex-prism FO 2:root 19 leaper, as action of a Hybridiser §.
GRAMMATIC cubic Grace+Twine ¢.
GRAMPUS xyrixa Gopher+Marmot ¢.
GRAND-CHAMELEON piece DQR all one capturing as any piece threatening it, not necessarily the one captured, translated for the Chameleon's own army.
GRAND-LEMURIAN compound of two simple pieces all one that can make the move of either component of the standard compound but can also make both moves successively, or the same componoent's move twice, in one move of its own, in either order and optionally turning in between, but with the first noncapturing.
GRAND-LORISIAN compound of two simple pieces all one that can make the move of either component of the standard compound but can also make both moves successively, or the same componoent's move twice, in one move of its own, in either order in the same direction, but the first noncapturing.
GRAND-RICOCHET Hopping piece all one which from the intervening piece onward moves in a different direction of any kind except whence it got there.
GRANDDUKE cubic General+Viceroy, as duke-based title of ruler of certain city states.
GRANDEMIR hex-prism President+Addax, extrapolated from Grandduke.
GRANDKHAN cubic/hex Grandduke+Dybbuk, extrapolated from Grandduke.
GRANDMAHDI hex-prism Grandmarquis+Dadaist, extrapolated from Grandduke.
GRANDMARQUIS hex-prism General+Rumbaba, extrapolated from Grandduke.
GRANDMOGUL, GRANDPANJANDRUM hex-prism Founder+Dadbuck, Worldrider+Addbuck, extrapolated from Grandduke.
GRANDPASHA square King+Alibaba, extrapolated from Grandduke.
GRANDSULTAN cubic/hex Emperor+Alibuck, extrapolated from Grandduke.
GRANDWAZBABA square General+Dabbaba, extrapolated from Grandduke.
GRAPHOLOGIST xyrixa Gatherer+Gripe ¢.
GRAPPLE hex-prism Drumsrider+Antler, as a branched device on the end of a stick.
GRASP cubic FO 7:5:4 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Chipfryer, as what a Clinger § does.
GRASSHOPPER square a late-Hopping Queen.
GRASSSNAKE pentagonal-prism Rattlesnake with first step replaced by a Ferzleveller one, as a snake sharing the first letters of Gryphon.
GREATCOAT hex-prism Germinator+Hybridiser ¢.
GREED cubic FO 8:5:1 leaper, as attribute of Hogger §.
GREGORIAN cubic/xyrixa Niggler+Gripe ¢.
GRENADE hex Revolver+Boomerang, from a weapon sending explosive in all directions.
GREYHEAD cubic Grasp+Greed ¢.
GRIM square Bump+Bumprevisionist, extrapolated from Crab.
GRIMACE cubic Chromosome+Summoner ¢.
GRIMINESS, GRINDUP cubic/xyrixa Gerbil+Muddler, Girth+Film ¢.
GRINE square symmetric 10:6 leaper, extrapolated from Crane.
GRIPE cubic FO 7:7:6 leaper, xyrixa dual to the cubic Niggler, as a complaint by a Grumbler §.
GRIR square Blotch+Blotchrevisionist, extrapolated from Crab.
GROUNDSMAN Groundsmen hex-prism Graft+Cyllarus ¢.
GROUSE hex-prism Ferzranker+Rumbafiler on Glinski-level, vice versa on Wellisch-level, and Ferzcolumner+Rumbaleveller on hex-ranked, in conjunction with Moorcock, Moorhen, and Pheasant.
GROVELLER square Gryphon capturing as Anchorite ¢.
GRUMBLER cubic symmetric 7:7:6 leaper, xyrixa dual to the cubic Guineapig, one of many names alluding to weakness of high-SOLL leapers.
GRYPHANCO square Gryphon+Contraanchorite.
GRYPHON square Rook with first step replaced by a Ferz one.
GRYPHSIMUR square Gryphon+Contrasimurgh.
GUARANTOR cubic/hex Guardian+Weatherer ¢.
GUARDIAN square/hex Wazir+(usually Stepping) Dabbaba+(usually Stepping) Trebuchet, from Shogi variants.
GUILDHALL hex-prism Pocket+Alderman, in conjunction with other building names.
GUILLEMOT hex-prism FO 4:root 21 leaper, bird name echoing Gull §.
GUINEAPIG cubic symmetric 7:3:3 leaper, xyrixa dual to cubic Grumbler, in conjunction with other rodent names.
GULL hex-prism symmetric 4:root 21 leaper, bird name for piece with same SOLL as Flamingo.
GUMMING cubic xyrixa piece moving twice as far as the Guineapig in the same directions, extrapolated from Lemming.
GUMP square FO 9:5 leaper dual to the Gift, extrapolated from Hump.
GUMSHOE hex-prism Horn+Clerk, in conjunction with Shoebill, Shoehorn.
GUNBOAT square Musket+Spear, inspired by Ken Franklin's Leap Chess image for the Alibaba whose Hopping version it is.
GUNDECK square Musketball+Spearhead, as attribute of Gunboat §.
GUNMAN square differs from Boyscout in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), from weaponry theme of Hopping-capture pieces, in conjunction with Boyscout/Girlscout/Gunwoman.
GUNSMITH square Unicorn+Farrier, as a smith making more powerful weapons.
GUNWOMAN square differs from Girlscout in requiring exactly one intervening piece for capturing moves (in the Chinese style) or all moves (in the Korean style), from weaponry theme of Hopping-capture pieces, in conjunction with Boyscout/Girlscout/Gunwoman.
GURU square Giraffe+Gimel ¢.
GUSHER cubic FO 8:3:2 leaper, hex-prism FO 4:root 61 leaper, starts with reversed first 3 letters of Sugarglider §, extrapolated from Runaround.
GYMNAST cubic Tellam+Jaw.
GYROSCOPE square symmetric 15:8 leaper, from its leap length being firstly an integer, like the Antelope's, and secondly the square of the Giraffe's.
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