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Variants of Tamerlane Chess

Eric Greenwood proposed a number of variants on Tamerlane Chess. Here is what he wrote.

The first variant has everything the same except: Between the King and the Firzan is a new piece, the GUard. He moves in any direction 1 square. In front of him is the GUard pawn. To make room for the GUard, the board is expanded 1 file. The rest of the pieces are in the same setup-so there are 2 squares between the War Engines, etc. Bishops are now on opposite colors, Camels don't protect each other, etc.

Variant 2 is similar, except: Elephants can move 1 or 2 squares diagonally, War Engines can move 1 or 2 squares horizontally [both pieces are able to jump], bishops can move 1 square as well as farther, the Ferz gains the power to move 1 square straight back, and the Giraffes can move 1 square diagonally and 2 [not 3] or more straight.

Variant 3: as 2, except a [modern] Queen replaces the Guard.

Variant 4: As 3, except the Giraffes are able to move 1 diag. and 1 or more horizontally.

Variant 5: as 3, except the Giraffes are fully liberated (may go straight and then the 1 square diagonal as well as the other way).

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