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A Chaturanga Problem by Bas de Haas: A Hint and Solution


  • Assume that the kings were not in check yet. So, they still have the possibility to make a move like a knight.
  • The general moves one square diagonally
  • The pawns have no double move


1. K d5! tempo

The king cannot move to c7 or e7, as the white king can move like a knight, and thus checks these two fields.

1. ..., b6 gives 2. K c6 mate
1. ..., e6 gives 2. K e6 mate

White to mate in two moves
Rules of Chaturanga

White: King d6; General c8; Pawn d7
Black: King d8; Pawn b7 and d7

Bas de Haas, Schaakkoerier, 2013.

After 1. K d5, we have the position:

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Written by: Hans Bodlaender.