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Half final Europe Championship Hexagonal Chess 1999

From November 11 till November 15, 1999, the half finals of the European Championship Hexagonal Chess were held in Zaniemysl near Poznan in Poland. Grzegorz Sidorowicz sent the results and some games from this tournament.

Below results from this Tournament.

                                  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 score nationality
1. Laszlo Gados           |M IHCF|X|=|1|=|=|=|1|1|  5  | HUNGARY  |
2. Peter Suto             |M IHCF|=|X|1|0|1|=|1|1|  5  | HUNGARY  |
3. Marek Maækowiak        |IGM HC|0|0|X|1|=|1|1|1| 4.5 | POLAND   |
4. Zsolt Molnar           |K     |=|1|0|X|0|=|1|1|  4  | HUNGARY  |
5. Sandor Bodor           |IM HC |=|0|=|1|X|=|1|0| 3.5 | HUNGARY  |
6. Csaba Schenkerik       |IM HC |=|=|0|=|=|X|0|1|  3  | HUNGARY  |
7. Eugeniusz WoŸnica      |M IHCF|0|0|0|0|0|1|X|1|  2  | POLAND   |
8. Hexodus III            |      |0|0|0|0|1|0|0|X|  1  | POLAND   | 
Note that Hexodus III is a computer program. A version of this program can be downloaded from the internet.

Below 3 games that Hexodus played in this tournament. The program ran on a Pentium 100 MHz computer. The version that was used in the tournament was a little different from the version that can be downloaded from the Internet. A new version is planned for the end of December 1999.

Sample games

[White Sandor Bodor]
[Black Hexodus III]
[Result 0-1]
1.h3h5 h7h6 2.d3d5 d9f8 3.h1f4 g7g6 4.h5g6 h6g6 5.f2d4 f8c6 6.i2i4 f10h6 7.g4g5 k7k6 8.f1c4 h9g7 9.i4i5 h6g8 10.e1i2 i7i6 11.k1k3 i8h9 12.i1h2 h9h2 13.f3h2 e10h8 14.c1e3 d7d6 15.b1b3 c6d4 16.e4d4 h8g9 17.h2e7 f9e7 18.e3e7 f11b3 19.d1e4 b3d4 20.e4d6 g7d6 21.c4d6 g9f9 22.e7e5 d4b6 23.d6c4 f9g7 24.i2h4 g7i5 25.e5e9 g10f11 26.e9f9 f11e10 27.h4h8*

[White Csaba Schenkerik]
[Black Hexodus III]
[Result 1-0]
1.f1e2 d7d5 2.d1g2 f10d6 3.e2f4 i8f8 4.g4g5 k7k5 5.e1e2 c7c5 6.f2g3 c8c6 7.h3h4 g10g9 8.i2i4 f11d7 9.h1k2 g7g6 10.f3g4 e10e8 11.c1e1 i7i5 12.g3l1 b7b5 13.e2k3 f7f6 14.f4d6 e8d6 15.g5f6 g6f6 16.g2d2 e7e5 17.k3e2 d6f7 18.l1e3 h9g7 19.e1h2 c6e6 20.g1e1 g9g8 21.g4i3 f9k7 22.e1d1 g7d6 23.i1g1 g8h8 24.h4h5 f7h9 25.h5i5 k5i5 26.f5e5 f6e5 27.g1f2 h9g8 28.i3l2 k7i6 29.l2i6 h8i6 30.e3g3 f8f2 31.e2f2 e6i3 32.k2i5 g8g6 33.d1e1 d7g3 34.f2f3 h7h5 35.d2g3 g6i5 36.h2h5 i5g7 37.h5g6 i6l5 38.g6g7 d6g7 39.f3h2 g7k5 40.k1k2 b5b4*

[White Marek Mackowiak]
[Black Hexodus III]
[Result 1-0]
1.d1f4 c7c5 2.g4g6 f7g6 3.f4g6 h7h6 4.g6f9 e10f9 5.h1i3 d7d5 6.d3d4 c8f8 7.i1f4 f10d6 8.f4l4 i7i6 9.f1d3 d6f7 10.e4e5 k7k5 11.l4g4 e7e6 12.c1e3 i8g8 13.i3f4 f8e7 14.f3d2 f11h7 15.e3g2 g10h8 16.e1f3 b7b5 17.f3h2 i6i5 18.h2l5 h7k6 19.g4h4 f9e9 20.d2h2 g7g5 21.f5g5 e7f8 22.g5g6 e9g9 23.f2h1 i5i4 24.h4i4 f8f10 25.h2k4 h8f9 26.f4e6 f9f8 27.e6g8 f7g8 28.g6h6 d5e5 29.d3e5 g8e5 30.g2g9 f10g9 31.i4g4 e5f7 32.g4g9 d9g9 33.l5k5 g9h6 34.k5h5 h6e7 35.h1d7 f8d7 36.h5f7 h9f8 37.k4l5 f8d9*

Information received from Sergej Korchitsky; slightly edited by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: November 25, 1999.