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Xorix Shogi Pieces

by Fergus Duniho

Here is a full set of pieces for A. Black's Xorix Shogi. The Kings are handmade. The remaining 128 pieces are all computer-generated from a template by a PHP script. Here is a key for interpreting the pieces. Each piece is represented by a hexadecimal number and is illustrated with a movement diagram. Each bit represents a different power of movement. The first four bits, which are all contained in the first hexadecimal digit, are for leaping moves. The last three bits, which are all contained in the second hexadecimal digit, are for riding moves. Bits are identified in this table by the power of two associated with the bit and by the hexadecimal number associated with the bit. Since all pieces can move one space forward, this power of movement does not get a bit, and it is shown on every piece.

Maroon1 Wedge at topnone0Forward Vertical Leap
Maroon2 Wedges in V formation11Forward Diagonal Leaps
Maroon3 Wedges in T formation22Horizontal Leap or Backward Vertical Leap
Maroon2 Wedges in /\ formation34Backward Diagonal Leaps
Blue2 Circles at top48Knight Leaps
Green1 Arrow pointing up510Forward Vertical Ride of 2+ Spaces
Green3 Arrows in T formation620Horizontal Ride or Backward Vertical Ride of 2+ Spaces
Green4 Arrows in X formation740Diagonal Ride of 2+ Spaces

Written by Fergus Duniho
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