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Isle of Lewis Chess Men

Below are sample images made after the famous Scotish Isle of Lewis set of chessmen, suitable for Zillions games. The Island of Lewis is one of the Heberdian islands off the west coast of Scotland. The original chessmen are the oldest known complete set of ancient chessmen. They are believed to be of 12th Century Norse origin, and carved from "morse" ivory--that is fossilized walrus tusks. The zip file contains three sets of images: a large to-scale set of full figures (illustrated below); a small set of these same full figures, but not to-scale (49x49); and a small set of details (49x49) of the larger images. The 49x49 bitmap images are the same size as the standard Zillions chessmen and can be used either as primary or alternate image sets in Zillions Chess variants. Obviously, the red color was my choice, to contrast with the white.


     King:  Queen:  Rook:

Bishop: Knight: Pawn:

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