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Index to square graphics: circles

Circles are given, e.g., for use with the ffen2diag tool. For easier use of this tool, images are pairwise identical. E.g., to draw a square with a red circle, write (xred) in the file.
  • xblack00.gif: black circle
  • xblack01.gif: black circle
  • xblack10.gif: black circle
  • xblack11.gif: black circle
  • xblue00.gif: blue circle
  • xblue01.gif: blue circle
  • xblue10.gif: blue circle
  • xblue11.gif: blue circle
  • xgreen00.gif: green circle
  • xgreen01.gif: green circle
  • xgreen10.gif: green circle
  • xgreen11.gif: green circle
  • xred00.gif: red circle
  • xred01.gif: red circle
  • xred10.gif: red circle
  • xred11.gif: red circle
  • xwhite00.gif: white circle
  • xwhite01.gif: white circle
  • xwhite10.gif: white circle
  • xwhite11.gif: white circle
  • xyellow00.gif: yellow circle
  • xyellow01.gif: yellow circle
  • xyellow10.gif: yellow circle
  • xyellow11.gif: yellow circle

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