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CSIPGS ( Chess - Variant

Ralph Betza invented in 1998 the chess variant csipgs chess. In this variant, players place pieces they designed themselves on the board, paying for the pieces with `zorkmids', for which they received one per turn.

Below, you see a handy overview by Andy Kurnia for a variant of the game, where a few modifiers were adapted by Hans Bodlaender.


    Standard 8x8
    Pieces: W(royal-WF)e1, B(royal-WF)e8
    Designs: B=3, BR=9, fcFfmW=2, N=3, R=5, royal-WF=12
    Zorkmids: 0
    Reserves: none
        Add a zorkmid
    Action: one of
        Move a piece
        Transfer a reserve to board adjacent to a not-in-check royal piece
        Buy a designed piece when no royal piece is in check
            (have enough zorkmids; less than 16 pieces in reserve + on board)
            --> payments for pieces are rounded UP
    Design: one of
        Change a piece design
        Do nothing
    Checkmate the last royal piece after capturing the others
Differences from chess:
    No EP, no promotion, no pawn double step, no castling
Designs (multiply the atom's base cost by modifiers; sum the modified atoms):
    ORTHOGONAL              DIAGONAL                KNIGHTWISE
    Atoms:                  Atoms:                  Atoms:
        W = D = H = 1.5         F = A = G = 1.5         N = 3
        R (WW) = 5              B (FF) = 3.3            L = 3.3
                                                        Nr (NN) = 5.5
    Modifiers:              Modifiers:              Modifiers:
        f = 0.4             f = 0.6                   f = 0.6
        s = 0.5             b = 0.5                   b = 0.5
        b = 0.3                                       m = c = 0.6
        m = c = 0.6         m = c = 0.6               wide = narrow = 0.5

    Official whole-piece modifiers:
        Colorbound = 0.9
        Royal = 4
        Relay = 2
        Doublemove = 6

Slow progressive csipgs chess

Use the following rules:
  1. After every seventh turn, players get one zorkmid per turn extra. I.e., black gets at his 4th move two zorkmids, and white at his 5th move. White get at his 8th move three zorkmids, and black likewise. Etc.
  2. When a player buys pieces, he may buy more than one piece in the same turn. (Of course, paying the total price of all of them.)