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Stealth Bomber Chess


I actually thought of this idea by myself, after playing Missle Chess with my little brother. I've never actually tested the idea, but it sounds interesting to me. We'll see what you think.


Standard chess setup except: Each piece needs to be able to be told apart from one another-The King and Queen are the only unique pieces, so no need to do anything to seperate them. However the other pieces need to be told apart. The hardest pieces to tell apart will be the pawns; the easiest thing to do might be to apply a small dot of paint to the underside of the pawns, a different color for each one. After you can tell apart all of the pieces, write down on a piece of paper one of the pieces (say, for example, the blue pawn, or red knight, or whatever. However, it cannot be the king). Then fold this up and place it beside the board so that your opponent cannot see what is written on it.


As regular chess except:

The piece that you wrote down is a stealth bomber. At any time, instead of a regular move, you may choose to have him detonate his bomb. The explosion kills him and any piece in the 8 squares surrounding him. (The king is immune to this explosion.)


None-this is an untested variant. Experiment with ideas!

Written by Jeremy Harper.
WWW page created: October 16, 2002.