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Set up and play like regular chess, except your pawns are somewhat kamikaze. On your turn, instead of moving, you can "blow up" a pawn -- it and any pieces on the 8 adjacent squares are removed from the game. Be careful, don't let an enemy pawn get next to your king! This also has the side-effect that castling is a lot less useful.


  1. If a pawn is captured, it's TNT pack goes off, meaning it's capturer goes... but so do the 8 pieces around it meaning that you need to keep your pawns AWAY from your king!
  2. All pieces can bomb. Using the king as a bomb concedes the game, unless you take or bare the opponent's king with the move, in which case it's a draw.

Written by Adam Norberg. Web page posted by David Howe.
WWW page created: 7 Sep 2000. Last modified on: 7 Sep 2000.