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This page is written by the game's inventor, TonyMez.

Combo Modern Day Chess

By Tony Mez



The Queen is replaced by a piece called a "Guard."


The Chess board is the same as regular chess 8x8 green and white.


The Queen is replaced by a piece called a "Guard."


Pawn- Pawns can promote to a Knight, Bishop, or Rook.

Knight- moves just as a regular Knight.

Bishop- moves just like a regular bishop.

Rook- moves just like a regular Rook. Castling is the same as in the standard chess game.

Guard- This piece moves just like a King, 1 space in any direction or 2 spaces in either direction. This piece does not promote into anything.


The object is still the same. No stalemates unless the opposition cannot put you into check.


As far as how the game is played you will find that the pieces have to work more closely with one another and the key to winning is to kill off as many Pawns and other pieces with the least amount of casualties. More compact and more defensive. It forces a player to be more creative and does not allow 1 piece to control the game like the Queen. Lets face it, if she is lost it is very hard to win the game. I think her value is 9 points. If you eliminate her the playing field becomes more even especially if you lose some other pieces.

The Guard cannot jump any pieces. It moves only 1 or 2 squares in any direction. The reason being it is better than a Pawn and slightly lower than a Bishop and Knight. It's purpose is to protect the King without causing a heavy loss to the person who loses it. The Guard can be a very interesting piece in that it can protect his King and make the enemy sacrifice his higher ranking pieces just to put the King in check. In other words he can block a Rook or Bishop from putting the king in check and the Guard is worth less because he can only move a maximum of 2 squares as opposed to the other higher ranking pieces. With the Guard you get a piece that can be really destructive if used strategically.

This version of Chess is more of a defensive game as opposed to a offensive game. You really have to use your pieces defensively. Without the Queen an opponent cannot win this game fast. You really have an interesting ending that usually comes down to Pawns promoting themselves in order to win.

Computer Play

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Standard Chess equipment.