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Invader Zim Chess

By Zim



This chess is based on the show, Invader Zim. In it, an alien race called the Irkens are ruled by Tallests Red and Purple, two aliens that aren't that bright. This chess is based on them playing a wargame to see who is the better Tallest.


Standard board.


Standard setup.


  • Pawns - Irken Soldiers: move like normal Pawns.
  • Knights - Jumpy-Machine-Thingies: move like normal Knights.
  • Bishops - Invaders: move like regular Bishops, but command.
  • Rooks - SIR units: move like Queens, but can only land on the same color as it started on. It can only capture if A) the enemy is on the same colored square as the SIR unit, or B) one space behind the enemy in the same direction as the starting motion is 1) unoccupied, and 2) the same color as the SIR unit started on. If B) is the case, move the SIR unit to that space.   If your Invader that moves on the same color as the SIR unit can move to, the SIR Unit changes into a Berzerk SIR unit..
  • Upside-down Rooks - Berzerk SIR unit: can move like a Queen, but cannot capture. Also, it keeps on moving in the desired direction until it runs into something (friendly/enemy piece, wall).
  • Queens - Tallest-invaders: move like regular Queens, but they can attack one space in any direction without moving. That action takes one turn.
  • Kings - Tallests: move like regular Kings, but can put themselves in Check, allowing you to capture instead of Checkmate.


The FIDE rules apply, except for names and abilities of the chess pieces: