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Tai Shogi pictures

Below are some pictures of a board and pieces for Tai Shogi, a very large shogi variant played without drops. The set was aquired in 1986 from George Hodges, and is still available from him (see contact information below).

The board is vinyl, about 39 x 36 inches (99 x 91.5 cm). (Note that this is larger than a standard card table.) The playing surface is approximately 35 x 32.25 inches (89 x 82 cm). The pieces are a dense yellow plastic, with the unpromoted rank written in black, and the promotion rank written in red. The Jizaitenno (King) is about 1.25 inches (3.2 cm) long.

The photos were taken with a Nikon COOLPIX 2000 digital camera.

N.B. - There is a still larger variant of Shogi called Taikyoku Shogi. It is played on a board of 36 x 36 squares with 401 pieces per side. I have seen photographs of a physical set at a Japanese site that I can no longer locate.
Tai Shogi: setup Tai Shogi: setup Tai Shogi: player's eye view.  Tongs are used to reach across the board. Tai Shogi: all pieces Tai Shogi: close up of Jizaitenno (king) and Fuhyo (pawn)


A price list of Shogi variant sets and books, as well as other shogi equipment can be obtained from

George Hodges
P.O. Box 77
Kent BR1 4ZG

or by email at:

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