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Dodl-schack: Pictures of Dodl

When visiting my parents with my new digital camera, this was a good moment to take some better pictures of a chess variant. The Chess Variant Pages had some pictures of Dodl-schach, but these were made with an old camera (the Kodak DC 20, one of the first types of digital camera's). Dodl is played on a 6 by 4 board, with four pieces per player, and is in box, approximately of the size of a box of matches.

Dodl box front Dodl box back: the board Dodl pieces Dodl pieces and box Dodl black pieces Dodl

Written by Hans Bodlaender. Photo's by Hans Bodlaender, made with a Cannon Powershot A60, and modified with Microsoft PictureIt! Photo.
Webpage made: May 7, 2004.