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Meet the Forfnifurlrurking!

The Forfnifurlrurking, or fhNfrlRK for short (short?), is a piece that moves and captures with the forward half of the Knight's powers or the forwards and sideways parts of the Rook's powers or any of the King's powers.

When I say "forward half of the Knight", this means that a White Forfnifurlrurking can go from e4 to d6 f6 c5 or g5, but *not* from e4 to c3 d2 g3 nor f2 -- those moves are somewhat more backwards than forwards, you see.

Here is a complete example of its power: from e4, a White Forfnifurlrurking can go to f3, e3, d3, f5, or d5, or d6, f6, c5, or g5, or

This piece is designed to be as strong as a FIDE Queen. It combines the moves of the fhNrlbK (as strong as the Bishop) and the frlRrlbK (as strong as the Rook), which ought to make a Queen-strength piece. However, some of those powers overlap, so the Forfnifurlrurking adds the two diagonally-forward moves to its repertoire; these two forwards moves should be worth enough to make up for the five overlapping sideways and retreating moves that were lost when the powers of fhNrlbK and frlRrlbK were combined.

It seems as though the Forfnifurlrurking really is as strong as the FIDE Queen, not much more, not much less.

A word of advice to the Forfnifurlrurking's opponent: the best defense is to get behind it!

In front of the Forfnifurlrurking
is no place for an unsheltered King to be lurking.

RING!!!! RING!!! Excuse me I have to go answer the telephone.
Okay I'm back. Sorry to say, my poetic license has been revoked.

The Forfnifurlrurking can look very frightening when it advances against your King, but if you find a bit of shelter and run around behind it, you'll find safety in most cases.

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