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Bishop versus FAD

The significance on this game is that Vlad wouldn't believe that the FAD is more valuable than the B, and challenged me to prove it; as it turned out, they weren't useful until the endgame.

I let myself get pushed around in order to keep both FAD, and then it was mate!

This game is not prettied up yet. What an understatement!

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 e:d4 4. N:d4 Ff6 5. Be3 Nge7
6. Nc3 d5 7. e:d5 N:d5 8. N:d5 Q:d5 9. N:c6 F:c6?!
    (Note: Rather than try apparently unpromising lines like 7. Bb5, or
        7 ed5 Nd5 8 Bb5, or 7 ed5 Nd5 8 Nc6 Fc6 9 Bc5!? (9 Bb5?!),
        White wishes to rush towards a "clean" battle between the
        Bishops and the FADs.)
    (Note: F:c6?! overlooking O-O-O; simpler was Q:d1+ or even Q:c6!?)
    (VR Note: Q:c6 10. Qd2 0-0 11. 0-0-0 Rd8? 12. Q:d8+ F:d8 13. R:d8+)
10. Q:d5 F:d5 11. 0-0-0 O-O-O 12. Bd3

So far, I'd have to say the FADs have looked good.  You clearly have an
edge at this point; whether that's simply due to inferior opening play on
my part, I'm not sure; but the advantages of the FADs have showed up in at
least as many lines that I've looked at as the disadvantages.

We'll see if I'll be able to equalize or get an edge from here; you have a
lead in development and better piece placement right now; but the open position
should favor the Bishops, I hope.

a6 13. Rhe1 g6

- I have to think a bit longer; Fd5:d3+ gets me a tiny weakness in
- your Pawns, but I think I should want more.

After Fd5:d3 (not check!) R:d3 R:d3 c:d3, it's hard for you to take advantage
of the weak d3 pawn, as you only have one Rook, and my King is nearby;
plus, you've given up one of your prized FADs, which is clearly better than
my Bishop right now.

- Kind of a classical position, isn't it? I wish I could trade the
- Rooks and get a purer battle, but right now that might lead to
- loss of a Rook-pawn!

Yes, it is a classical position; though I wish I had my Bishops on b3 and g3,
not so close to yours, and not blocking the open files.

14. Bc5 Rd7 15. Be4 Fe6 16. R:d7 F:d7 17. g3 Re8 18. c3 b6
	(Note: 18...Fd5!? 19 Bf5+!?;  19 f3 F:f3? 20 B:b7+)
19. Ba3 c5 20. Kd2 Fd6 21. b4 f5
	(j'adoube c4? 22. b5! Fd6-c7 23. b:a6)
22. Bd3 Kb7
	(Note: 22 b:c5? Fe5!)
23. R:e8 B:e8 24. b:c5 b:c5 25. Bc4 Fc6 26. Bg8 h6 27. f3 f4

Vlad says:
What a fascinating position!  My Bishops trying to take advantage of the
long diagonals, vs your Fs controlling the center with their short vertical
moves.  It took me a while to find a reasonable move, as your Fs shined in
several lines I looked at.

Isn't it great how every game turns into a classic showcase/experiment on the
augmented piece involved!

28. Kd3 Kb6 29. Bc1 f:g3 30. h:g3 g5 31. f4 Ff6
32. f:g5 h:g5 33. g4

Looks more and more drawish.  I don't know if I missed a chance to
win earlier. I was considering j'adoubing 32. f:g5, but your h pawn
looked too dangerous.

Fe8 34. Bh7 Fe6 35. Bf5 Fd5+
    (Note: 34. Bd5! Fg6 35 Bf3, 36. c4!)
36. Kc2

The FADs have run amok!  I have vastly overestimated my chances here :-(
I thought I had a chance to win by penentrating the Kingside with my King.
Now, I'm just trying to hold me everywhere :-(

Fc4+ 37. Kb2 Fe5 38. a3 Kc6 39. Bd2 Fg3 40. Kc1 Kd5

41. Kd1 Ke5 42. Kc1 a5 43. Kb2 Fd5 44. Bc8 Ke4 45. c4

I'm surprised you allowed 45. c4; 44..c4 would pretty much seal off any
counterplay I might have.

- Without bothering to calculate any variations, I felt that if
- you traded your c-Pawn you should be weakening your King.

- Now the hunt is on.

Better to get mated than sit around and watch you eat me alive,
piece by piece.

46. B:a5 Fe3 47. Bc3 Fd5 48. a4 Kd3 49. Ba5 c4
    (Note: 49...Fc6 50. Bf5+ Kc4 51. Bc2)
    (Note: 49...c4 50 Bf5+ F:f5 51 gf5 g4! (c3+?))
50. Ba6 Fe4 51. Resigns
    (Note: 51. Bc8 c3 ~ c2 ~ c1Q)

50..Fc6 was also good - forcing exchange of Ba6 then pushing the c pawn.

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