Chess With Different Armies: Problems and Endgames

I was on the train one day with nothing to read, so I composed an Avalanche Chess problem for the composing tournament in Venice. You'll see it here after the judging is over.

Over the next week or so, I then went on to compose one problem for each officially-approved army used in Chess With Different Armies.

I'm not a real composer, so don't expect much. If you are a composer or a connoisseur, I humbly request that you compose some better ones which will demonstrate how feeble my efforts are.

A Colorbound Clobberers Problem

A Remarkable Rookies Problem

A Forward FIDEs Problem

A Nutty Knights Problem

A Remarkable Rookies Endgame

A Problem with Mixed Pieces

Chess Variants: Problems, Studies, Etcetera

Cannon-Queen Endgame

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