Chess with Different Armies: The Meticulous Mashers

The theme of this army is that every piece very nearly matches the corresponding piece from FIDE-chess, both in value and in general characteristics.

The List of Pieces

The Opening Lineup

The initial disposition of this army has the FR4 on a1 and h1, fbNF on b1 and g1, B4nD on c1 and f1, and of course the N2R4 on d1.


The Meticulous Mashers were designed for Chess with Different Armies in April 1997.

Observations About Meticulous Mashers

Largely untested.

The opening move 1. (N2R4)d1-e3 threatens 2. (N2R4)e3-c4+ and then 3. (N2R4)c4:a8; in fact, only the Nutty Knights have trouble with this threat (this is because 2. (N2R4)e3:g7 mate is also a threat), and they can easily trap the N2R4 at a8, with a big advantage.

Supplementary Materials

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