Not Just "Huge", but Impossibly large

Four Board Chess

Rather than making a funny-sized board, why not just push four chessboards together into a square, and play on a 16x16 board? No special equipment required.

For a 3D version, simply stack 8 3D chessboards in a 2x2x2 square of boards, translate into 3D the rules of Chess on a Really Big Board", and there it is.

What an awful idea.

Each player has 256 Pawns and 256 pieces. The average length of a game is likely to be more that 2000 moves.

World Record

You could pile up 512 3D chessboards into an 8x8x8 cube of boards, and play 64x64x64 3D chess.

No special equipment required, except for a high ceiling and a very strong floor in the room where you do this.

I suppose you might need very long arms to move the pieces, and a telescope to see the enemy King, it's so far away.

I should suggest that you simply repeat the usual opening setup 64 times, just so that I will have completely specified the rules of the game. Now I am on record as having designed the biggest chess variant.

However, in the case of this game, I will actually request that you do NOT try to play this game.

Insert Smiley Here for the Humor-Impaired

My rules for "Chess for Any Number of Players" can be adapted to any form of 3D Chess.

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