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Solution: shortest game for Hans37 chess

Alfred Pfeiffer found a solution to Ralph Betza's puzzle for finding the shortest game for Hans37 chess.

Turn South West Nord East
1. Da f2:f4 Da b2:d2 Da b6:b4 Kg4:f4
2. Kd1:d2 Ka4:b4 c6-c5 Kf4-e4
3. Kd2-d1 Kb4-a4 Bc7:a5 Ke4-d4
4. Kd1-d2 Ka4:a5 Kd7-c7 East is the winner

This solution gives the smallest number of turns, but it is not clear that if we count moves of players that it really is. Now, we have 15 moves before a player wins. Clearly, less than 12 is impossible, but are 12, 13, or 14 moves possible?

Alfred Pfeiffer answered this question: I think, there is no shorter solution because the East is the only player which has the chance to move with his king in the first turn.

Solution by Alfred Pfeiffer. Comment by Hans Bodlaender.
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