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Variant Problem Construction Contest
Variant Problem Solving Contest

This is the home page for two new Chess Variants Pages contests.

Rules: Construction Contest

  1. Any reader of The Chess Variant Pages may submit problems, by email, to
  2. The three contest jurors may not enter, although each may submit problems for use in the 2004 Variant Problem Solving Contest. The jury will be headed by competitions editor Glenn Overby, with the other jurors to be announced.
  3. Problems may use the rules of any game on The Chess Variant Pages, except orthodox FIDE chess, Shogi, Xiangqi, Changgi, or Shatranj.
  4. Problems submitted for new and unusual variants are encouraged. Diagrams are nice, but we can help as long as we don't get swamped.
  5. An entrant may submit a maximum of three problems for any one variant, or five problems total.
  6. Simple themes are encouraged. Themes that feature the elements unique to a given variant are particularly sought.
  7. Submitted entries may be used, and most will be used, for the 2004 Variant Problem Solving Contest. By entering, you grant us an irrevocable, non-transferable license without fee to use your problem on, and on any electronic compilations derived from this site. You retain all copyrights and other interest in your submissions.
  8. Entries are due by December 15, 2003. They will be acknowledged on the site shortly after receipt, but will not be posted to the site until the Solving Contest is ready to start.

Rules: Solving Contest

  1. Any reader of the Chess Variant Pages, except the three jurors, may enter by sending their name, email address, and solutions to by the deadline (to be announced).
  2. The problems to be solved will be selected from the ones submitted for the Construction Contest. These may be augmented by submissions from the jurors.
  3. The selected problems are anticipated to cover a wide range of variants.
  4. The persons achieving the highest percentage of correct solutions will win. Ties are broken by the earlier date of answer submission. A solver's solutions to problems they authored are ignored.
  5. The anticipated date for starting the Solving Contest is February 15, 2004.

Written by Glenn Overby II.
WWW page created: July 27, 2003.