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Glenn Overby is no longer an editor of this site, and no one maintains this.

Invent-and-Play: Section 1

Each section contains five designers. Each designer plays a total of six games, facing two opponents twice each and the other two once each. Each designer plays their own design twice, and each other design in their section once. Colors are equalized. Time rules, if needed, will be similar to the Multivariant Tournament 2003.

PromoChess (Glenn Overby):

Overby v Nelson
Newton v Overby
Smith v Quintanilla

Wizard's War (Mike Nelson):

Overby v Smith
Nelson v Newton
Quintanilla v Nelson

Advanced Wizard Chess (Paul Newton):

Nelson v Overby
Newton v Quintanilla
Smith v Newton

Heroes Hexagonal Chess (Tony Quintanilla):

Overby v Quintanilla
Newton v Nelson
Quintanilla v Smith

One Ring Chess (L. Lynn Smith):

Nelson v Smith
Quintanilla v Newton
Smith v Overby

First-named player has the first move in each game.

Each section yields a Design Champion and a Play Champion.

The Play Champion has the best won-lost record from six games.

The Design Champion is voted. The players submit a preferential ballot, ranking the games other than their own in a first- through fourth-place order. A volunteer juror (taken from a list maintained by the event director) also submits such a ballot on all five games. A simple Condorcet count is then used to produce an overall winner.

Design Champions and Play Champions will be recognized on the Invent-and-Play pages. Play Champions will be invited to special Champions Sections in the future. Design Champions will have a logo recognizing the achievement placed prominently on the game's CVP page.

Written by Glenn Overby II.
WWW page created: August 2, 2003.