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Invent-and-Play: Opponents Wanted

These variant designers are looking for other designers to take part in an Invent-and-Play section. This involves six PBEM games...two of your own variant design, plus four other designs. Both a Play Champion and a Design Champion will be crowned from each five-player group.

To enter an Invent-and-Play section, check the box by each game you are willing to play. Then, at the bottom of the page, you need to provide:

You may update your preferences at any time by returning to this page. When a compatible set of five games/inventors has been found, a section will be started, and those games will be removed from the active list.

Sections under way

Section 1

Opponents wanted

Variant I'll Play! Designer
Altair Roberto Lavieri
Anti-King Chess Peter Aronson
Arabian Nights Chess Paul E. Newton
Beautiful Sun Chess (was Glenn's Decimal Chess) Glenn Overby II
Chess on a Longer Board with not so few Pieces Dropped Antoine Fourrière
Deneb Roberto Lavieri
Dune Chess L. Lynn Smith
Interweave Peter Aronson
Jacks and Witches 84 Antoine Fourrière
Kobayashi Maru variant of Star Trek 3D L. Lynn Smith
Maxima Roberto Lavieri
Panal Glenn Overby II
Pocket Mutation Chess Mike Nelson
Ruddigore Chess Peter Aronson
Take Over Chess (64 square version) Tony Quintanilla
Tiled Squares Chess Tony Quintanilla
Wizard Chess Paul E. Newton
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