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Hall of Champions

Since the founding of The Chess Variant Pages in 1995, we have hosted a number of contests in various areas of chess. While our design contests have been most popular, we have also held PBEM tournaments, solving contests, and composition contests.

This page has been compiled to honor the champions of our many events. We look forward to adding a lot of names to this list in all five areas in later years.

Annual Variant Design Contests (N-Squares)

Other Variant Design Contests

Email Tournaments

  • 1997 1st Progressive Fischer Random Chess (21): Alfred Pfeiffer, 10.0/11
  • 1998 2nd Progressive Fischer Random Chess (13): Doug Hyatt, 8.0/9
  • 2001 Chess With Different Armies (4): David Paulowich, finals score unposted
  • 2003 Multivariant (5): Michael Howe has clinched the title, final score not yet known

Solving Contests

  • 1999 Kriegspiel (4): O. Ronat
  • 2001 Hexagonal Chess (6): Peter Aronson

Problem Composition Contests

  • 2001 Pocket Knight (3): Manfred Rittirsch & Franz Pachl (2nd prize highest awarded)

Dates are the year of opening, except tournaments which are the year play began.

Written by Glenn Overby II.
WWW page created: April 11, 2003. Last modified: February 6, 2005.