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Volume 5, Issue 36 ISSN 0958-8248 Autumn 2000

Problem 324 Solution

324: is a fine way to disabuse anyone of the notion that chess problems have anything to do with chess play. 'No-capture Chess' means that all units, including Ks, lose their capturing powers - though they retain the power to give check. Each side can simply leave its king behind the game-array wall, adding redoubts to prevent knight-attacks, and then continue until one side resigns out of boredom... In the position diagrammed, if Black moves his Q, white can mate at once by Qc4. This problem is rated ONE DAGGER - only slightly difficult.

324 - Alex ETTINGER

No-capture chess, mate in 2

324 solution: we notice that if Black moves Q or e-pawn there are mates on the squares vacated, 2.Qc4, 2.Re5. Also if bB moves, 2.Be6. All three of these could move to e4. So it may not be surprising that the keymove 1.Ne2 puts a new guard on d4 so as to threaten mate by moving a pawn to that very square of e4.

On the other hand, it may be slightly surprising as 1.Ne2 offers bK an extra square to flee to.

1...Qe4/Re4/e4 2.Qc4/Re5/Be6, and 1...Ne4/Re4/Ke4 2.Nc3/Nf4/Bf3. If you enjoy the way that a) the keypiece Knight achieves two more vacated-square mates and b) all Black's replies are moves to e4, then problems may be for you.