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The Variant Chess magazine ended production in 2010, with the dissolution of the British Chess Variant Society.

Thankfully, the issues have all been saved and made freely available, at both The John and Sue Beasley WebSite and George Jelliss's site.

The rest of this page is left here for historical interest.

Founded 1990

The magazine to broaden your chess horizons

Articles from the following issues of Variant Chess appear here on the Chess Variant Pages with the permission of the British Chess Variants Society (BCVS). We feel that this journal is exceptional, and have entered into an agreement with the BCVS to publish certain of their articles on our pages in return for advertising.

. Volume 5, Issue 36 -- Autumn 2000
Volume 5, Issue 37 -- Spring 2001
Volume 5, Issue 38 -- Autumn 2001
Volume 5, Issue 39 -- New Year 2002
Volume 7, Issue 45 -- August 2004

Variant Chess is the journal of the British Chess Variants Society.

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