Super Confusing Rule 2:
En Passant

This rule is called 'en passant'. Don't worry about what 'en passant' means yet. You must devote your entire brain to understanding this rule. Why? Because it's Super Confusing!

The rule is this: Let's say it's your turn to move, and you move one of your pawns two squares forwards. Let's also say the pawn you just moved ends up right beside one of your opponent's pawns. Now it's you opponent's turn. Your opponent, may say 'en passant' and move their pawn to the square your pawn would have ended up if it had only moved one square. You opponent then removes the pawn you just moved from the board.

Whew!! Keep in mind: this type of move doesn't happen much. Also keep in mind that your opponent must make the en passant move on the turn right after you moved your pawn two squares forward. If he waits until the turn after that, it's too late and he can't do the en passant move.

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