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Book: Superchess by Lim Ther Peng

Lim Ther Peng wrote a book titled Superchess. The book describes a large chess variant. Below, you can read the publishers/authors information on the book:

This is the first book on Superchess, a collector's item in the future. Superchess is a new board game of strategy based on an expanded version of chess. With the addition of fourteen new pieces, this game of Superchess has created more room for strategic maneuvers, thus transforming chess playing to a higher level of fun and excitement. Superchess is a very fantastic game.

This book shows you how to play Superchess. It gives detailed explanations, supported by diagrams, on every move. It contains sections explaining the rules of the playing pieces, the opening moves, the end games with attacks and checkmates, five sample games with step-by-step diagrams, and a section on how to make a set of the Superchess game board, including all the playing pieces. Any future international competition for this game will follow the rules as set forth in this book. This book is an authority on Superchess. This rare and unique book is an ideal gift for all chess enthusiasts and all those who like healthy activities.

The book is published by 1st Books Library. (An information page on the book can be found by searching for Superchess as title at this website.) The book can also be bought via

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