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Books of Joseph Boyer

Joseph Boyer from Paris, France, wrote in the 1950's three books on chess variants, called:

These books, written in French, describe many chess variants. I bought a copy of the second book from the bookshop of the Nederlandse Bond van Schaakprobleemvrienden, and am at the lookout for the other two. The book I bought contained the signature of Boyer.

The books were published by the author. The first book costed 300 francs. Both the first and the second book contained 100 pages, and 50 or 49 chapters. Several diagrams illustrated the games.

Below, you see the cover of the book, and the page with the author's signature, in smaller size: click on them to see in more detail. Also, the signature is shown.

Written by Hans Bodlaender. Thanks are due to Alan Cowderoy for information.
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