8-Platform Blitz

This game was played by Zillions against itself on a pentium2/300 with only 5 seconds per move. For that reason, the strategy isn't very deep. I wouldn't bother to comment on this game, except that, by means of a platform move, Black promotes two pawns at once. Needless to say, the game ends shortly thereafter.

1. A1 - A2           C4 - C3
2. D1 - D2           Pawn f5 x g4
3. D2 - D3           
The opening of 8-Platform Chess reminds me of two teams of tanks, bristling with weaponry, roaming the battlefield in an attempt to outflank and fire upon an enemy.

Black must move his C3 platform to remove check. The platform must be moved to C4 so the bishop thereon can protect the pawn. Else, White moves Pawn h6xg7, g7xh8 = Queen, and the new Queen cannot be immediately captured. It looks as though Black has lost some tempo.
3. ...               C3 - C4
4. Pawn h6 x g7      Bishop f8 x g7
5. Rook h5 x h7      Rook h8 x h7
6. Knight g5 x h7    Knight g8 - h6
A skirmish between the adjacent White and Black platforms ensues. Both sides sustain casualties.
No more captures are immediately possible, so White proceeds by developing his B1 platform. Black, on the other hand, proceeds to chase the Knight away with his King.
7. B1 - B2           King e8 - f7
8. B2 - C2           King f7 - g8
9. Knight h7 - g5    C4 - C3
10. Pawn f4 x e5     Bishop g7 x e5
11. A2 - B2          Bishop e5 - g7
12. B2 - B3
White's platforms are now poised to attack, while Black's have barely strayed from their starting positions.

12. ...              Pawn d7 x c6
13. Pawn d6 x c7     
...Forking the Knight and Queen. Black's Queen will now move up to counterthreaten the Rook. White goes ahead and does PawnxKnight, forcing Black's Rook to capture the new Queen. White's Queen now pins Black's Queen against Black's Rook, neatly answering Black's threat. Black trades rook for rook. However, Black then wins a Knight.
13. ...              Queen d8 - d6
14. Pawn c7 x b8 =Q  Rook a8 x b8
15. Queen f3 - f4    Queen d6 x c5
16. Queen f4 x b8    Pawn c6 x d5
17. Pawn e4 x d5     Queen c5 x d5

Black is up by a Pawn, but White appears to be more developed.
18. Knight g5 - f3   Knight h6 - f5
19. B3 - B2          Queen d3 - e4
20. Knight f3 - g5   Queen e4 - e5
21. Queen b8 x c8    A4 - A3

Black has begun the advance of his two-pawned platform. As I have indicated, this platform will promote. If White now moves B2-A2, the pawns' approach is hampered, and the game lasts much longer. Instead, White responds to this position by threatning Black's existing Queen. Black does not hesitate to advance the Pawn Platform. The Queen is an acceptable sacrifice.
22. Knight g5 - f3   A3 - A2
23. Bishop e3 - d4   Knight f5 x d4
24. Knight f3 x e5   A2 - A1 =Q =Q

Black promotes! If Black could move A2-B2, that's check from which White must retreat. Zillions has already computed a win for Black.
25. C1 - D1          A1 - B1
26. Queen c8 - f5    B1 - C1
27. Queen f5 x f1    Knight d4 - e2 MATE

White gets one of the marauding Queens, but it's not enough. Note that White cannot move D1-D2 because the Queen and Knight would give check.