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compiled by D. B. Pritchard

  • A comprehensive collection of games related to, derived from or inspired by chess. Designed to entertain as well as to introduce many excellent yet largely unknown games, The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants will also serve as a reference work on chess variants - the first book in any language to attempt a comprehensive survey of the subject.

  • The variants, which are arranged alphabetically and collected from all over the world, date from ancient times to the present day. About half can be played using an ordinary chess set. Popular variants such as Kriegspiel, Losing Chess and Progressive Chess are treated in depth with origins, history, rules, analysis, hints on play and annotated games, many between well-known players.

  • There are up-to-the-minute sections on Burmese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai chess with guides to translating indigenous notation. Other regional variants are also covered together with the older forms of chess. Proprietary (commercial) variants number 160, many of them still on, the market. .

  • Here are games that take just a few minutes to play, others that may take a few hours. The variety is extraordinary: Alice, Bughouse, Choiss, Dragonfly, Enochian, Falcon-Hunter, Gay, ... and so on through the alphabet, a cavalcade of the imagination.

Over 19400 variants - 384 pages -540 diagrams - 350 games

Price 21.99 British Pounds - POST FREE

You may have seen the very favourable Press reviews. Here are a few excerpts from amongst the many unsolicited letters we have received from readers (originals can be inspected):

'One of the most important books about games to be written this century' 'A remarkable tour de force ... enough information for several lifetimes of study' 'A milestone in the history of games' 'An excellent work which will remain unchallenged for half a century' 'The world of chess variants is wonderful and fascinating . . . an exceptional book' 'The book is WONDERFUL' 'Great value: worth a dozen run-of-the-mill chess books' 'Overwhelming' 'If it doesn't get the Chess Book of the Year award I'11 eat my baseball cap!' 'Absolutely FANTASTIC!' 'Packed with useful information' 'A brilliant book' 'A marvellous book' 'A MAGNIFICENT work' 'Its a treasure'

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Webpage made by Hans Bodlaender, for David Pritchard of Games & Puzzles Publication. Pritchard, author of the Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, sponsors our website with copies of his book for prizes for contests. For more information on the Encyclopedia of Chess Variants, follow this link.
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