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Sample Game #2

This game was played by Zillions against itself on an Athlon 1GHz with only 3 seconds per move. The White Ringbearer is kept safe throughout this game.
1. Ne2-d4  Pe6-e5
2. Na2-c3  Pc7-c5
3. Nb4-b3  Pc5-c4
4. Bd1-e2  Pc4xb3
5. b2=P*
When playing White, both in this game and the 8x8 version, Zillions thinks it's good to reveal the Ring as soon as possible, because the Pawn has more movement options available when it has the Ring. To this end, Zillions sacrifices a Knight for the privilege of gaining a Ringbearer.
 6. P*b2xb3 Na7-c6 
 7. P*b3-c4 Bd8-a5
 8. Bc1-b2  Pb7-b5
 9. Pd2-d3  Pd7-d5
10. Re1-d1  Bc8-e6
11. P*c4-c5 Qb8-b6
12. Pd3-d4  Pe5xd4
13. Pe3xd4
The White Ringbearer has been thrust into the center of the board, without a whole lot of support. But, as it's only attacked by the Black Queen, it's safe for the moment.
13.  ...   Ra8-b8
14. Be2-d3 Nc6xd4
15. Nc3-a4 Pb5xa4
16. Bb2xd4 Qb6-c7
17. Bd3xa6 Rb8xb1
18. Ra1xb1 Re8-a8
19. Rb1-b7 Ra8xa6
20. Rb7xc7 Ba5xc7
Carnage erupts all around the poor Ringbearer, who is now defended by a Bishop.
21. P*c5-b5 Ra6-d6
22. Bd4-a7+ Kc9-d8
23. Ba7-c5  Be6-d7
24. Rd1-b1  Rd6-e6
25. Rb1-b4  Ne7-c6
26. Rb4-b2  Bc7-e5
27. Rb2-b1  Be5-d4
28. P*b5-b6 Kd8-c9
29. Bc5xd4  Nc6xd4
30. P*b6-a7 Re6-e8
Now White must somehow defeat Black's remaining Rook and destroy the Ring.
31. Rb1-b7  Bd7-c6
32. Rb7-b6  Bc6-b5
33. Kc0-d1  Re8-c8
34. Rb6-b7  Bb5-c6
35. Rb7-b6  Nd4-b5
36. P*a7-b7 Bc6-d7
37. Rb6-a6  Nb5xa3
The Ringbearer can advance to a8 and promote while guarded by the Rook. But if he promotes to a Queen, then Black captures with a Rook and gains a Queen on c8. This is a more common situation than in Chess: The White Pawn must underpromote.
38. P*b7-a8=N* Rc8xa8
39. Ra6xa8     Na3xc2
40. a8=R win

Written by Robert Price.
WWW page created: March 8th, 2002.