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Sample game #1

This game was played by Zillions against itself on an Athlon 1GHz with 5 seconds per move. This game uses a starting position that I tried, inspired by the connected-rook structure of Christian Freeling's Grand Chess. I find this army more aesthetically pleasing than the one I eventually decided upon, but Zillions frequently reached a draw by repetition after fewer than ten moves.
1. Pc3-c4  Nd7-c5
2. Pb3-b4  Nc5-d7
3. Pb4-b5  Pc6xb5
4. e3=P*      -
I'm not sure why Black's second move is to undo his first. Those two moves were very common in the Zillions games I've seen. This was another reason I changed the initial position.
5.  Na2-c3  Pb5xc4
6.  Nd2xc4  Na7-c6
7.  Nc4-d2  Pb6-b5
8.  Pd3-d4  Pd6-d5
9.  Nd2-b3  Pb5-b4
10. Pa3xb4  Be7xb4
Two pairs of Pawns have been traded, and White is a Pawn behind. White's Ringbearer, while safe for the moment, is undefended.
11. Re1-d1  Re8-c8
12. Ra1-c1  Nd7-b6
13. Be2-d3  Ra8-b8
14. Kc0-b1  Rc8-d8
15. Nb3-c5  Bb4xc5
16. Pd4xc5  Qc7-e5
17. Pc5xb6  Qe5xe3
Black takes the Ring. It doesn't add any power of movement to the Queen, but it can't be destroyed as long as Black possesses it. Usually, if Black takes the Ring without being immediately captured, Black goes on to win the game.
18. Nc3-a4  Bb7-a8
19. Pa6-a5  Na4-c5
20. Na4-c5  Pe5-e4
21. Bd3-b5
The Black Ringed Queen is under attack, and every square to which it could move is guarded. It is very difficult to checkmate a Queen, but White has managed it.
21.  ...    Q*e3xb3
22. Nc5xb3  Rb8xb6
23. N*b3-a4 Rb6xb5
24. N*a4xb5 Ba8-b7
White is close to victory, but the Black Rook prevents him from destroying the Ring.
25. N*b5xc6  Bb7xc6
26. Rc1xc6   Kc9-b8
27. R*c6xe6  Nb7-c5
28. R*e6-c6  Nc5-d3
29. Bb2-a3   Pa5-a4
30. Kb1-a2   Rd1-b1
31. Rd1-b1   Rd8-c8
32. Rb1xb2   Kb8-a7
33. Ba3-c5   Ka7-a8
34. R*c6xc8 mate

Written by Robert Price.
WWW page created: March 8th, 2002.