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This page is written by the game's inventor, DavidMoeser.


                          "DO-OR-DIE" CHAZZ
                       invented by david moeser
      5   |   |   |   |   | k |   |   |   |
      4   | p | p | p | p | p | p | p | p |
      3   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
      2   | P | P | P | P | P | P | P | P |
      1   |   |   |   |   | K |   |   |   |
            a   b   c   d   e   f   g   h  
   "Do-Or-Die" Chazz combines the features of Chazz and "Do-Or-Die 
Chess."  Both are chess variants invented by David Moeser of Cincin-
nati, Ohio, USA.
   Like "Do-Or-Die Chess," D-O-D Chazz is played on a 40-square board
consisting of five ranks and eight files.  Like Chazz, the only pieces
in the initial position are Kings and Pawns.  D-O-D Chazz was invented
on April 18, 1999, for submission in the 40-square Chess Invention 
Contest hosted by Hans Bodlaender's chess variants web site.
   In D-O-D Chazz each player starts the game with a King on the 'e'
file and eight Pawns on the second rank.  In the initial position all
other squares on the board are vacant.
   D-O-D Chazz is played like regular chess (a.k.a. "the FIDE vari-
ant") except for three special provisions dealing with Pawn movement:
   (1) Pawns are allowed to move backwards.  They may not capture 
backwards (either diagonally or orthogonally), but may move backwards
on the file.  Moving back to the first rank is legal.
   (2) Promotion occurs on the last rank but can only be to a Rook,
Bishop, or Knight.  Promotion to Queens is not allowed.
   (3) No double jumping is allowed.  All Pawn moves, forwards or
backwards, can only be one square at a time.
   All other rules are the same as regular chess.

         ========= =====   ========== =====
   (1) No stalemates.  The player who can't move loses that turn.
(As in backgammon, the opponent would keep making moves until the
"staled" player can move.)
   (2) A player can move a pawn backwards one rank from the first
rank.  That pawn is then off the board and out of the game --
permanently!  This isn't a requirement; it's merely an option.  No
player is ever "required" to self-destruct pawns in this manner, but
it's something that can be done if the player believes it to be
   A regular chess set can be used for this game.  A regular chess
board can be used by covering over three ranks.  Over-the-board Chazz
is supposed to be played with clocks set at five minutes.
   Chazz was first revealed in THE PARKWAY POST issue of May 1992, and
has been included in the NEUE CHESS book series.  It also appeared in 
THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHESS VARIANTS, published by David Pritchard in 
   The author of this variation may be contacted at this e-mail
address: (email removed contact us for address)  The address of the chess variants web
site is: 

Written by David Moeser.
This is a submission to the contest to design a chess variant on a board with 40 squares.
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