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This page is written by the game's inventor, Robert Bell.

Odalisque Chess

Odalisque Chess is so called because of the shape of the board is a magnetic, 3-dimensional, 4×16 rotating chess variant. All pieces are the same as orthodox chess arranged as above. The image on the left showing Knights, Rooks and pawns in position is the opposite side to the image on the right with Kings, Queens, Bishops and pawns. All pieces move the same as orthodox chess in a vertical direction. The player to choose white also chooses where to start on the board, either in the middle or on both ends.

The image above shows black in the middle and white on the ends.

The image on the left demonstrates diagonal movement of the Bishop and so it is with the Queen's diagonal movement.

The image below demonstrates Rook and Knight movements.

Pawns move one square vertically forward with the option of two on the first move and can retrieve taken pieces once they reach the opponents King's and Queen's rows. They take an opponents piece by moving one square diagonally forward. The diagonal arrows from the black pawns show how each pawn would move if there was an opponents piece to take.

Written by Robert Bell.