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This page is written by the game's inventor, João Neto.

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The Central Squares

by João Pedro Neto


All FIDE rules apply, except:

board.gif (4873 bytes)

setup.gif (6675 bytes)

rook01.gif (5922 bytes)

rook02.gif (6460 bytes)

bishop01.gif (5641 bytes)

bishop02.gif (5942 bytes)

bishop03.gif (6274 bytes)

knight01.gif (5605 bytes)

knight02.gif (6912 bytes)

queen01.gif (6443 bytes)

queen02.gif (7270 bytes)

king01.gif (5607 bytes)

king02.gif (6239 bytes)

pawn01.gif (5424 bytes)

pawn02.gif (5587 bytes)


You may download a ZRF file for playing the Central Squares with Zillions of Games:

This game is an entry in the 100 Squares Contest.
Written by João Pedro Neto
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