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On this webpage, comments on the variants with 39 squares will be collected. You can email me (see the feedback page) your comments on the games.

A few details:

  • Praise is fine. Criticism too, but remember there is an inventor that may be proud of his invention, so it would be good to be constructive.
  • If you want, I can post comments anonymously.
  • I reserve the right to refuse comments.
  • State explicitly that comments should fit on this page.

The comments

Comments from David Howe

The first comments came from David Howe.

Ben 39

An interesting and complex game. I've implemented most of it (except the Wizard) in Zillions of Games. Definitely has potential, but needs more play-testing.


I like this game -- it's very dynamic. Attacks must be built up slowly and carefully, otherwise they fall apart very quickly. Works well with drops and the small board.

King and Queen

Nice game, plays well, except that the player who goes first has no decent opening move. Beyond that however, it's a fun game.

Cycle Chess

Interesting board, but the special cells really offer no advantage, especially the 2-square cells at the bottom and top of the board. A piece in these cells is open to attack, yet may not capture. And given the board size, getting to the other side of the board is almost easier via the "normal" squares. Play tested this with Zillions of Games -- the special squares were never used!

Robber Baron

A fun game, more like stratego than chess. Requires a very different strategy given the board configuration and the alternating moves.
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