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38-Contest Vote

The winners of the competition to design a chess variant on a board with 38 squares will be determined by voting. You can also vote, using this handy vote page.

One use per person please. You may rate each game. "Bad Game" will earn the game -1 points, "No Opinion / So-so" will earn the game 0 points, "Nice Game" will earn the game 1 point, and "Excellent Game" will earn the game 2 points. The rating for all games will be summed for each game and the game with the highest total wins.

Also, you may vote for any of the games in 3 "best of" categories.

Please be sure to fill in your name and email address.

If you cannot send email, you can instead send a letter or postcard to:

Hans Bodlaender
Nedercamp 26
3992 RP Houten
the Netherlands

If your browser has troubles with the form, then you can instead send an email with your votes to Hans Bodlaender.

Designers of a game in the contest are also asked to vote: please give your own game a 1 (nice game.)

Send in your votes before April 20, 1998.

Voting is over!

Form design by David Howe. Text by David Howe and Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: March 12, 1998. Last modified: April 14, 1998.