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Steven Streetman
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My Business Background
Accounting Software Engineering - Entrepreneurship

I stared my second business when I was 17. It was for my Aunt who had moved to town after a divorce who had not worked for 15 years. The business was buying and selling back issues and collectible comic books via mail order in the early 1970s. We advertised in Marvel and DC comic under the name Estell Comics, her maiden name. My aunt and my mother (her sister of course) ran it successfully for 2 years and it was her sole source of income. They did the work, made the investment and I provided the comic book business know-how.

I have a BS in Accounting and an MBA with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems. As a Controller and DP manager I was with 2 start ups, a publishing company growing from 6 to 350 employees in under 3 years and a bio tech start-up. After that I founded and run my owned my own software engineering company for 14 years. For a brief time I was with a DOT.COM company; what a crazy "business related" experience that was. Now I am retired.

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