Fusion Chess

Game and ZRF implementation by Fergus Duniho, Copyright © 1999-2001

For more games by Fergus Duniho, goto http://www.duniho.com/fergus/games

In Fusion Chess, simple pieces can combine into compound pieces, and compound pieces can split into simple pieces. For example, a Rook and a Knight could combine together as a Marshall, or a Queen could split into a Rook and a Bishop. Compound pieces include all two-piece combinations of Rook, Bishop, Knight, and King. The object is to checkmate your opponent's current royal piece. This diagram from a game of Fusion Chess shows some Marshalls and the King/Bishop compound piece, known as the Pope. Red just made the mistake of not thinking far enough ahead, using the Pope to capture an unprotected Pawn. White then trapped the Pope and moved quickly to checkmate. The board was made from computer generated textures.