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The kNights Of the Square Table or NOST is an organization of gamers that has been in existence for over 37 years. Chess is the primary game played, but many other games are also played. There is a specific section for Chess Variants and Non-Chess Games. In NOST-ALGIA, the official publication of NOST, one usually finds much information and competitions of chess variants and various non chess games. In general, games played in NOST are postal, but with a rapidly growing email participation. There is an annual convention (NOSTvention) where members meet in person to play chess and variants. Chess, variants, and nonchess games are also played by email in NOST. There are many competitions in which one can participate. NOST is based in the United States, and most of its members are from the US, but NOST also has an increasing number of members from several other countries. More information on NOST can be found on the NOST website.

The NOST website is no longer active. We do not know when or if it will be active again. June 23, 2004.

Home page of NOST

The home page of NOST is no longer active:

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