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Rules Extensions for Chess Variants

In an email to Hans Bodlaender, Hans Aberg wrote,
A long time ago, I was interested in chess variations; for example, I made a chess-for-four players, which I played with my friends. My rating in tournamentchess was about 2000.

I discovered some possible chess rules, which I thought I should make you aware of. The purpose of each of these rules is the same, increase the material and the capacity of the moves, so as to giving the game more structure. The game should then be normally be shorter.

Suggested Rule Changes

I think that a 10 ten deep board defeats the purpose of making the game faster and more strategic, so I think that one should work only with the eight deep board (thus the same reason that made Lasker and Capablanca switch to an eight ranks deep board).

But I think that only experimentation by good strength player could actually tell what the rules ought to be.

It would be fun to see a chess such as the MacChess by Wim van Beusekom <(email removed contact us for address)> extended to some form of Capablanca's chess.

  Hans Aberg 
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