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ChessV Universal Chess Program:

ChessV is an open-source Universal Chess Program with graphical user-interface, capable of playing a potentially unlimited number of Chess variants, with opening book support for variants, and other features of traditional Chess programs.

Small Board Games
Standard Board (8 x 8)
  Historical Games Strange Board Games

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Author: Greg Strong.
Web page created: 2004-07-06. Web page last updated: 2016-11-21


This item is a computer program,
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2016-11-21
 Author: Greg  Strong. ChessV Universal Chess ProgramThis item is a computer program,
It belongs to categories: Orthodox chess, 
It was last modified on: 2016-11-21
 Author: Greg  Strong..

V. Reinhart Verified as V. Reinhart wrote on None

I noticed that ChessV plays two multi-move variants (Marseillais Chess and Doublemove Chess).

Does anyone have a good record of played games for either of these (either human play or computer play)? It seems the games are usually very short. I was wondering what the average length of play would be for games of these variants.

I've been thinking of trying a game of "Chess on an Infinite Plane" where double-moves are allowed, or maybe only double-moves of pawns, or pawn plus one other piece. A link to the game is here):

Chess on an Infinite Plane

If anyone has info on analysis (computer or otherwise) for multi-move games I would love to learn about it!


Jeffrey T. Kubach Verified as Jeffrey T. Kubach wrote on Excellent ★★★★★

Well done Greg!  It's interesting to play through different scenarios and even watch computer vs. computer for each variant.  I imagine people with their own large board variants are thrilled to see their variants here, since unusual board sizes aren't easy to find in physical form.

ChessV was around a long time ago, but I am new to it.  I haven't found many similar/reliable programs out there.  I've seen a couple variant mobile apps, but they all crash very easily, and the interface on them is difficult to use.  ChessV 2.0 has an easy and straightforward interface.  If I had to make one suggestion, it would be the ability to move forward and backward through the moves within the program itself (unless I'm missing the method of using other GUIs to do this).  Nevertheless, it is a lot of fun. Apologies to the CV administrators for rating this here, if I wasn't supposed to rate programs...


Aurelian Florea Verified as Aurelian Florea wrote on None

ok, thanks greg, when you say no griffin it is actually no griffin , yet!


Greg Strong Verified as Greg Strong wrote on None

1. If you create a new text file with a .cvc (ChessV Code) extension and throw it in the "Include" sub-directory, the game will be available.  There's no documentation in this but you can look at the samples, and the ChessV Source Code Documentation will be somewhat helpful as the interpreter is just a thin layer that dynamically finds c# members and functions in the underlying objects and routes calls to them.  It probably won't do what you're looking for, though.  You can make new games by deriving from an existing game that is close.  You can then change game variables and add/remove piece types, but you cannot implement new rules.  You can make new piece types, but only so long as the moves are supported by the internal move generator (so no Griffin.)

2. Not sure.  You're not giving me much to go on.  The installation program doesn't do anything except extract the files and create an icon on the start menu.  Try this: first, delete the Fairy-Max subdirectory of Engines/XBoard and try to run it.  If that doesn't work, delete the entire ChessV2 folder and re-run the installation.  Let me know how that goes.



Aurelian Florea Verified as Aurelian Florea wrote on None

Hello again Greg,

I have 2 questions:

1. How do I use the scripting language you mention?

2.I tried to install the program over what I have previously unzipped from what you gave me . It exited. What happened?


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