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xiangqidiag: a tool to show Xiangqi diagrams in webpages


Xiangqidiag is a tool to include Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) diagrams into webpages. We have a large number of small pictures, showing one position on the Xiangqi-board, with or without a piece, and the tool automatically selects the right pictures and puts them in place to show the full diagram. Using the tool is not hard. Here, it is explained how this can be done for webpages on the website; it can be done similarly on other websites: if you want to use the tool for your own website, please email Hans Bodlaender. Here are some examples of scripts. Look under your browser at the source code of the page to see how it worked.

And now with a yellow background:

Written by Hans Bodlaender
WWW page created: October 19, 2001.