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Letterbox: April 2000

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Help Wanted

A letter from Mind sports.

How 'Bout a Game of Dumbo's Chess, Mate?

April 22, 2000

I notice that the game "Dumbo's Chess" is not mentioned on your pages.

The rules for Dumbo's Chess are defined in the book, "The Coodabeen Champions take a Good Hard Look at Australia" (Copyright, Coodabeen Champions Pty Ltd, published Penguin Australia, 1992).

"The Coodabeen Champions" used to be presenters of an Australian radio program of the same name.

The rules are also on a web page on my site (and I did get permission from Penguin to quote the book) along with a few ... "twists" :-)

That's the page you need.

Adrian Morgan.

Thanks Adrian... if we can collect a few more humorous variants we'll create a new index page for them! --Ed.

Sextuple Check Within the Realm of Possibility

March 8, 2000

The Realm Chess rules state:

"4. All moves during dispersal, concentration or rearrangement are considered to be simultaneous so if one or more moves give check, the rest of the moves CAN still be made. It is possible to give multiple checks (theoretical maximum is quintuple check.)"

It is not!!!

Using a concentration move, it is perfectly possible to have a sextuple check in Realm Chess (after promoting a pawn at some time ...)


W: Ke1, Qa7, Qd2, Rb6, Rh7, Ba5, Nb7, Ne7
B: Kc7

Move: concentrating on the c5-c6-d5-d6 realm, I move:

Nc5, Nd5, Rc6, Qd6 ++++++.

Result: I check via Qa7, Rc6, Ba5, Nd5, Rh7, Qd6 (oh, and it's mate as well ;-) )

Helge Blohmer

I'm offering $100 to anyone who can find a septuple check... Good luck! --Ed.

A Decade of Four-player Chess

April 17, 2000

Thank you for these excellent pages. We are playing now for 10 years chess for 4 persons and we will try now other variants of chess. We didn't know that their are so many cheesvariants.

Michael Dhom (heidelberger 4chessclub magek)

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