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Three fat brothers

This chess variant is inspired on a theme of the novel "Three fat fellows" by the Russian author Jury Olesha (1920s). I liked this novel very much in my childhood.

This is an experimental chess variant with three king pieces.

This is a game for two players, played on a board of 9 by 9 squares.

Each player has: 1 Senior brother, 1 Middle brother, 1 Younger brother, 2 Rook, 1 Knight, 1 Nightknight, 1 Chancellor, 1 Spy, 3 Pawns, 3 Universal pawns, 3 Berolina pawns.

Opening setup:

White: Senior brother - e1, Middle brother - h1, Younger brother - b1, Rook - a1, c1, Knight - g1, Nightknight - f1, Chancellor - i1, Spy - d1, Pawn - a2, b2, c2, Universal pawn - g2, h2, i2, Berolina pawn - d2, e2, f2.

Black: Senior brother - e9, Middle brother - h9, Younger brother - b9, Rook - a9, c9, Knight - g9, Nightknight - f9, Chancellor - i9, Spy - d9, Pawn - a8, b8, c8, Universal pawn - g8, h8, i8, Berolina pawn - d8, e8, f8.


The object of the game is to mate or capture all `brother' pieces of the opponent.

The simplified variant


5 February 2000

Written by S. Sirotkin. Edited by Hans Bodlaender.
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